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Do you have a passion for trail running? Nowadays, answers are found to almost all questions on the internet. So if you are looking for information on trail running, there are various blogs you can log on to. But are all blogs perfect for you? How will you know the best one to visit? These are questions we are ready to give an answer to. This article will show you the top 20 trail running blog. We know there are some blogs that might provide you with the wrong information. So we decided to pick the best by using different criteria for selection. The criteria are:

  • The consistency and quality of post
  • Popularity and influence on social media sites
  • Ranking and reputation on search engines



1. Trail Runner magazine​

A great trail running blog. They are committed to encouraging runners of various ability and ages. The blog would encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle. It offers in-depth, intelligent, and precise information with photography that is compelling. All these make veteran runners and beginners visit the blog often. The blog has more than 2,000 followers on Twitter and more than 10,000 fans on Facebook. They post almost 8 posts in one week.

2. Rock Creek Runner​

With this blog, you will be able to know what running and trail running means. No matter your level this blog will help you. They post once in a week. Their followers on Twitter are more than 10,000 and fans on Facebook are more than 2,000.

3. I run far​

This blog deals with ultramarathon and trail running. You can read trail running news, advice about training band running, reviews of gear, and much more. Almost 13 posts in one week are made on this blog. It has more than 66, 000 Facebook fans and almost 71,500 Twitter followers.

4. Uplands – get ready for trail​

A blog by a French ultra trailer, Seb Chaigneau. It offers series of Trail running videos that can be of benefit to you. It has more than 2000 followers on Facebook.


1. Atra trail news​

A blog that offers the latest news, information, and article on trail running. Additionally, you can get information about snowshoeing, mountain running, ultrarunning, and much more. In one week the blog post 4 times. It has more than 4 thousand followers on Twitter and about 6,200 fans on Facebook.

2. Trail running Europe​

Here you can get updates on Trail runners, reviews, gear, trails, GPX routes and race calendar. It is a platform for trail running in Europe.

3. Gore-tex blog​

On this blog, you can get useful and great information. It has various latest trail running stories. The blog has 43, 000 plus followers on Twitter and more than 350,000 fans on Facebook.


1. Recreational equipment inc. (Rei) co-op journal

Looking for outdoor life stories? This is one of the best blogs to find them. You can get perfect information about gears here. They know a lot about outdoor gear of good quality. So you can tap from their knowledge. The blog has 1.7million plus Facebook fans and over 380,000 followers on Twitter. In a week, it posts almost 2 times.

2. A trail runners blog​

This is one of the blogs to get information on Trail running, triathlon, ultra running, and much more. This blog offers all things on trail running. It offers research, interviews, ideas on new products, original fictions and much more. It has about 2,200 followers on Twitter.

3. Liza Howard blog​

This blog was founded in 2010. It always offers very funny recaps of races. The blog also gives training runs in Texas, every day. Contents are posted 2 times in a week. Its followers on Twitter are more than 2,000.

4. Competitor​

It offers various tips on trail running, including gear and shoes. In a week this blog posts one content. It has more than 340, 000 fans on Facebook and more than 92,000 followers on Twitter.


1. Trail Sisters​

A blog that adventures outdoors and protects the playgrounds on earth. For you, living a healthy lifestyle is important. With this blog, you can get inspired. Contents are posted 3 times in a week. It has about 400 and 3000 Twitter followers and Facebook fans respectively.

2. Inov-8 blog​

Here you can get inspired and motivated through athletes stories and various running tips. You can also get updates about team members racing. They post almost 2 times in a week. The blog has more than 90,000 Facebook fans and 26,500 Twitter followers.

3. Trail running Nepal​

A great blog which aim is to encourage trail running in Nepal. If you love running, you might be able to learn and gain a lot from this blog. Its followers on Facebook are more than 12,000 and more than 1000 on Twitter.

4. Trail running faith​

As one of the best trail running blogs, it advises on endurance and faith. It encourages runners to have endurance and faith with one another while running. The blog has more than 4000 followers on Twitter.

5. Trail and kale blog​

This blog offers inspiration and advice on trail running. They gather information from all around the world and post it on the blog to keep you informed. The blog has over 800 followers on Twitter and more than 200 fans on Facebook.


1. Run blogger​

Are you looking for a great review on gear and running shoes? This blog can be helpful. You would also get various posts on trail running and its science. It has over 9,000 fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

2. Road trail run​

The main focus of this blog is an early gear and running shoe reviews. It has an in-depth knowledge of gear and running shoes. It can be a great source of information to you. The blog posts about 3 times in a week. It has about 200 followers on Twitter and more than 1000 fans on Facebook.

3. Run eat repeat trail running blog​

With the experience of the blog owner on trail running writings, you stand to learn a lot. Read various reviews on kits and race. You can also read interviews with runners. It has more than 900 followers on Twitter.

4. Trisport​

It is a South African blog that specializes in coaching, sports retail gear, training clinic, and much more. The focus of this blog is on South Africa trail running. It has about 8,000 Facebook fans and over 900 Twitter followers.


You can visit any if the top 20 trail running blogs mentioned above. You will be well informed and updated. We have chosen the best blogs using our own criteria. However, your opinion might be different. Don’t hesitate to tell us about the blogs you think should enter the list. You can use the comment box.


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