The Perfect Marathon Running Tips and Gear in 2023

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In most instances, marathon runners are very slow in the marathon’s second half as compared to the first half. The ideal situation should be when you can have the same pace in the second half just as in the first half. While I can’t dispute the fact that some people can maintain a constant pace all through, maintaining a constant pace is indeed not something easy to do.

Here are some tips that will help you to be at ease and ready as you prepare for marathon running. Some of these tips are very crucial, yet, you are not likely to hear them from your trainer during your daily workout.

Tips to make you have your Marathon Running Easy

Choose your sneakers wisely

Bad shoes will definitely translate to injuries. Having a good pair of shoes means that you should have the shoes that fits your feet perfectly. If you intend to participate in running a marathon, you should be ready to spend the time to find a particular pair of sneakers that is perfect for you.

You can have them for your training and if you discover that they are causing you too much discomfort retake them to the seller and that will, in turn, save you from incurring money loss on a pair of shoes that will not serve you as it should and the pain, too.

In addition to running, have other exercises other than running itself

Despite the fact that having runs during exercise for the marathon makes you stronger and more efficient, you need to have some other forms of exercises such as yoga, cycling, weight training and swimming which will aid in giving rest to your joints and bones after running for long distances.

Imagine yourself successful

Visualizing success will no doubt give you the zeal to win a marathon race. It will give you more energy to keep practicing because through visualization you will know that your efforts will be rewarded with a win.

marathon running tip – success

Get enough sleep

Having about 8 hours of sleep daily once the big day is about to approach and training lightly will help you recover from the fatigue you acquired from the many days of intense practice.

Hydrate yourself adequately

During the days of intense exercise, you will certainly be sweating a lot. Too much sweating, in the long run, leads to loss of electrolytes which will make you prone to dehydration and cramping of the muscles. Having two to three liters of water daily will keep you hydrated.

Eat healthy

It is not necessary to starve yourself as you approach the marathon day. Ensure that you eat healthy meals which are a balanced diet. Do not dwell too much on the energy giving foods because your body needs other nutrients too. Again, do not overfeed because this will lead to discomfort or worse, stomach upsets during the marathon day which will, in turn, ruin your chances of winning.

Eat Healthy

Do not panic, be confident, not overconfident

Panic and overconfidence will ruin your big day in a matter of a few seconds. Just be sure to maintain your calm, let the cheers from the crowd be a motivating factor and believe that your hard work, fatigue and dedication during practice will give you a reward of victory.

Do not panic, be confident

Tips to help you to select suitable attire for marathon running-dress for success

As you run, fatigue gets the better part of you, and a little discomfort will demotivate you and affect your chances of a better performance in the marathon race. There are some general traits that running clothes should have in order to increase your comfort as well as ensure that you achieve your goal. Here is a list of some of them:

Ability to dry very fast

As you run, you certainly sweat a lot. At times you can be rained on by slight showers of rain. Running clothes made from quick drying material are ideal because they will maintain your comfort even as you sweat. The suitable fabrics for making running clothes are nylon and polyester.

Get running clothes with an inner linerInner liners drain moisture from your sweat. This works to give you comfort since no sweat will be trickling down your body. It also dries very fast and so by no chance will you feel wet and neither will the attire cling on your body.

Get an attire that fits well

Attire for running, inclusive of skirts, shorts, socks and tights have been designed to fit snugly. This way, by no chance will they hinder your movement.

an attire that fits well in marathon

Insulated running attire will work best for you

You may be running at a time when the weather is chilly, and a little warmth to keep your body active will be ideal. Having insulated running clothes will certainly give you the comfort as they will keep you warm.

Additional accessories

There is no harm in adding some accessories to your running clothes. These accessories will also play a major role in making sure that you are fully prepared for the marathon. These accessories include:


These socks will work a great deal in preventing your legs from getting blisters. The recommended socks are those made from merino wool or synthetic fabric. Cotton socks are ideal for only light workouts.


Having a hat made of wool is ideal for cold seasons as much is a hat light in weight will serve you during the summer as you take your runs and exercises.


Thin liner gloves are ideal for a runner in a place with cool weather conditions while well-ventilated woolen socks will be perfect for a marathon runner who is in a place experiencing summer.

Wrapping up

Take up your challenge with confidence! Competing in a marathon race is quite a challenge now that you are aware that you are competing with people who have been dedicated to their training just as you have been and probably, your level of excellence in marathon racing is equal, or worse, they could be better than you.

Follow the tips I have outlined for you to prepare yourself, be confident in your abilities, believe in yourself, and do not panic. Following the tips as well as getting the right attire will no doubt bring you victory.

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