The Best Running Routes In NYC, DC and SAN FRANCISCO – What Route?

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Are you living in New York City, San Francisco, or Washington DC or are you just there for tourism and eager to run but unsure of the best running routes to take? This article is for you! Now relax as we bring you the best running routes to run on in the cities mentioned above.


Running helps to span the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas of your life. And doesn’t that cut across all you wish? Heading out to run on a running route instead of your home environment is captivating for so many reasons. Running on a good running route gives you good views, motivates you and also gives your body a break.

Top Running Routes in NYC

The best running route in New York is the one nearest to you—that is very certain, even when that route just happens to be reiterative circles round Maria Hernandez Park. But, there are certain outright appealing places to run if you have the ability to travel, or are fortunate to live near. Below are the ones we really love.

Promenade Loop

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is indeed a lovely place to run. Although it’s just a few blocks long (a distance of 2.4 miles)—this is great for a beginner who just wants to stretch his/her legs for a few minutes although some more experienced runners might want a little more of a challenge. The view is fantastic with a total ascent of 41.34 ft. On a light note, make sure you are out early to avoid the baby strollers.

Hudson River Greenway

Hudson River Greenway is one of the city’s most picturesque running routes. A normally flat and car-free 6.4 mile run from Battery Park City to the Boat Basin will get you to the Greenway, providing you an amazing view of the river, beyond Chelsea Piers and all the way up to the tree-lined Riverside Park. You can stop at the Boat Basin at 72nd Street if you’re moving from downtown all the way up. You can equally begin the run from anywhere along the park and run towards the George Washington Bridge if you feel greatly motivated to do so.

Central Park Reservoir

This is probably one of the most popular running tracks in New York City. It is an alluring spot that is encompassed with trees and lovely panoramic views of the skyscrapers. Whether you are here early in the morning, or later in the evening, you can run the 1.58-mile circles as much as you desire, but do note that tourists like this place a lot and you might end up running through a fair number of them.

Central Park Reservoir loop running

Best 3 Running Routes in San Francisco

Even though running around San Francisco’s hills might be difficult, its views are exceptional beautiful plus the cool, reliable weather makes it for good running conditions all through the year. Consistent runners may have all their favorite routes mapped out, but for Starters, here are some that we love.

Crissy Field

With the broad views of the Bay, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge, Crissy Field is an amazing place to be. Whether you are tossing a Frisbee, lounging, or flying a kite, this giant park has a lot of space for activities. This former military airfield site, the long and narrow park is also considered an ideal place for a run because it is flat, unlike most spots in San Francisco.

You can equally make use of the warming hut located at the west end that sells hot coffee to get yourself warm if the fog is making you cold. If you feel like running a longer distance when the 4 – 5 miles isn’t enough, run through to Marina Green and Fort Mason or run across the Golden Gate and back.

The Presidio

The Presidio (5)has been one of the best places to train ever since its days as a military base. It is a wonderful spot for a quiet run and also offers a full day of exploring both indoor and outdoor attractions around the route. Its 24-miles of trails is enough to provide you a lot of mileage to run, ensuring that there is no shortage of running trails.

Some of our favorites trails include the path up Lincoln Boulevard to Golden Gate Overlook, the Mountain Lake Trail, or the Bay Trail at Battery East. That trail runs underneath the Golden Gate Bridge to its east; it is new and well paved for pedestrians and cyclists. Serious trail runners who don’t mind running through steep stairs so long as they offer great views will find Battery to Bluffs trail intriguing. And if you just want to run a few laps, run around the main Post, you can start from Lombard Gate or back at Inspiration Point


The Embarcadero is probably the easiest, most accessible, and most attractive non-congested sidewalk running route in San Francisco. Start running from Pier 39 or way down the Embarcadero at AT&T Park. This route will provide you a 2.5-mile track that is less busy in the early hours of the day, like as early as-7 a.m in the morning (except on huge game days). Run the full length of this course and back, that’s five miles, you would be satisfied unless you’re a hardcore runner. And if you start from the ballpark and stop near there, you can also perform some quick cool-down hop back to the Ferry Building to take coffee and a breakfast reward.


Top 3 Running Routes In DcWashington

DC running routes are also one of the best routes to be reckoned with. The city is home to plenty of standout and enchanting places that can make running long miles feel less stressful. The city offers up numerous options, from closed roads to dirt trails to world-class views of the monuments. Here is a list of our top three routes to run in Washington DC.

C&O Canal Towpath

The mostly flat terrain Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath runs 184.5 miles along the Potomac River from Washington, DC down to Cumberland, MD. The C&O Canal is a super popular route for both bikers and runners, it is tidied and comprise of a mostly crushed stone surface. The route is also known for marathon groups training on the weekends. It’s because of this route that most DC runners are route runners and are not even aware of it!

Although the route feels mostly flat, the great views of the river and the surrounding area it provides made it an intriguing place to run. While you run through this route, you will pass by various ancient canal houses, providing you with a bit of history as you run.

Embassy Row

When natives think of Washington, DC, they probably think of more than 175 embassies scattered all throughout the city. But what those who live in DC see all the time are something more than this. The Embassy Row, also known as Massachusetts Avenue, NW, offers a one of a kind experience you may hardly find in any other places.

From Dupont Circle, you can run straight up Mass Ave to get some miles of the gradual hill. Along the way, you will run past embassies of over 40 countries from Haiti to India. With the wide footpaths and low foot traffic, this is the perfect place for your marathon training.

As you approach the top of the hill, you will find Rock Creek Park on your right and the US Naval Observatory (residence of our Vice President) on your left. As you pass the Naval Observatory, make sure you wave hello the dozens of security men safeguarding their countries territory or you could play name the flag game to distract yourself from the hills.

The Watergate steps

The Watergate steps, a set of grand steps that apparently leads nowhere, lies between the Potomac River and Lincoln Memorial. These beautiful steps were built to serve the primary function of providing an impressive entrance for visiting dignitaries coming into Washington DC by boat. While that didn’t work out as planned, the steps did provide a way for runners to build their strength and stamina sprinting up the steps.

The Watergate steps running routes

The conclusion

In a nutshell, here are some of the best places to run. These routes are so beautiful that you would readily lose the attention on those burning muscles. As you hit these tracks, be careful to follow the necessary precautions for an enjoyable running experience.


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