The 14 Best Running Podcasts to Motivate You to Hit the Trail (Infographic)

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As a passionate runner, you know that finding motivation and inspiration is crucial to keep up with your training. While music can be a great companion during your runs, sometimes you might crave something more substantial to fuel your mind. That’s where running podcasts come in. These audio shows offer a wealth of information, expert advice, stories, and interviews to keep you engaged and motivated while hitting the pavement. In this article, we’ll explore the 14 best running podcasts that are guaranteed to enhance your workout experience.

1. The Runner’s World Show

Hosted by Runner’s World editor-in-chief David Willey, The Runner’s World Show is a must-listen for any avid runner. Each episode features insightful conversations with professional athletes, coaches, and experts in the running community. From training tips to inspiring stories, this podcast has it all.

2. The Strength Running Podcast

If you’re looking to improve your running performance, The Strength Running Podcast is a fantastic resource. Hosted by running coach Jason Fitzgerald, this podcast delves into topics such as injury prevention, strength training, and mindset. Fitzgerald’s expertise and interviews with top athletes make this podcast a valuable asset in your training arsenal.

3. Trail Runner Nation

For those who prefer trail running, Trail Runner Nation is the perfect podcast. Hosted by experienced trail runners Don Freeman and Scott Warr, this show explores all aspects of trail running. From tips on gear and nutrition to interviews with trail-running legends, Trail Runner Nation is a treasure trove of information for trail enthusiasts.

4. Marathon Talk

Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or aspiring to conquer your first 26.2 miles, Marathon Talk is a podcast you don’t want to miss. Hosted by Martin Yelling and Tom Williams, this show covers everything from race recaps to training advice. With a mix of expert interviews and entertaining banter, Marathon Talk keeps you entertained and informed.

5. Ali on the Run Show

If you enjoy hearing personal stories and insights from the running community, Ali on the Run Show is a fantastic choice. Hosted by Ali Feller, this podcast features interviews with runners of all levels, from Olympians to everyday enthusiasts. Feller’s relatable and engaging interviewing style makes each episode a delight to listen to.

6. Science of Ultra

For runners who are fascinated by the science behind endurance running, Science of Ultra is a must-subscribe. Hosted by Dr. Shawn Bearden, an exercise physiologist and coach, this podcast dives deep into the physiology, nutrition, and training methods that contribute to ultra-running success. If you’re looking to optimize your performance in long-distance races, this podcast is a goldmine of information.

7. The Morning Shakeout

Hosted by Mario Fraioli, The Morning Shakeout is a podcast that covers a wide range of topics related to running. From training tips and race strategies to interviews with elite runners, Fraioli provides a well-rounded and informative listening experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, The Morning Shakeout will leave you inspired and motivated.

8. Run to the Top

Hosted by running coach Tina Muir, Run to the Top is a podcast that caters to runners of all levels. Muir shares her expertise and interviews experts in the field to provide valuable insights on training, nutrition, and mindset. If you’re looking for practical advice to improve your running, this podcast is a fantastic resource.

9. The Extra Mile Podcast

The Extra Mile Podcast is a unique podcast that celebrates the achievements of everyday runners. Hosted by Kevin Gwin, this show shares inspiring stories of runners who have overcome challenges and achieved their goals. Whether you’re training for a 5K or an ultra-marathon, The Extra Mile Podcast will motivate you to push past your limits.

10. The Running for Real Podcast

Hosted by elite runner Tina Muir, The Running for Real Podcast is a refreshing take on the running world. Muir delves into topics such as mental health, body image, and the emotional aspect of running. With honest and inspiring interviews, this podcast will leave you feeling empowered and ready to tackle your next run.

11. The Negative Splits Podcast

If you’re a fan of casual, conversational podcasts, The Negative Splits Podcast is a great choice. Hosted by Tom “Tiny” and Rob “The Big Guy,” this show offers a laid-back and humorous approach to running. Whether they’re discussing training strategies or sharing personal anecdotes, Tom and Rob’s chemistry makes for an enjoyable listening experience.

12. Running Rogue

Hosted by Chris McClung and Steve Sisson, Running Rogue is a podcast that covers a wide range of running-related topics. From race analysis to tips on training intensity, this show provides valuable insights for runners of all levels. McClung and Sisson’s expertise and enthusiasm make Running Rogue a go-to podcast for anyone looking to enhance their running performance.

13. The Running Lifestyle Show

The Running Lifestyle Show, hosted by Kari Gormley, takes a holistic approach to running. This podcast explores topics such as nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle habits that can enhance your running experience. With interviews featuring experts in various fields, The Running Lifestyle Show offers a well-rounded perspective on what it means to live a running lifestyle.

14. The Run Eat Repeat Podcast

For runners who also enjoy good food and a touch of humor, The Run Eat Repeat Podcast is a perfect fit. Hosted by Monica Olivas, this show combines running tips, interviews, and discussions on food and nutrition. Olivas’ relatable and down-to-earth approach makes The Run Eat Repeat Podcast an entertaining and informative choice.

In conclusion, whether you’re seeking expert advice, personal stories, or entertaining banter, these 14 best running podcasts have you covered. From improving your performance to keeping you motivated, these shows are the perfect running companions. So, lace up your shoes, plug in your headphones, and tune in to one of these podcasts on your next run.

Note: The rankings of the podcasts are not in any particular order and are subjective to personal preferences.

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