Speed Training With Resistance: 9 Workouts to Improve Your Speed and Strength

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Speed is a crucial component in various sports and athletic activities. Whether you’re a sprinter, football player, or basketball player, improving your speed can give you a competitive edge. One effective way to enhance your speed is through resistance training. By adding resistance to your workouts, you can challenge your muscles, improve your power, and ultimately increase your speed. In this article, we will explore nine workouts that incorporate resistance to help you take your speed to the next level.

1. Explosive Power: Resistance Sprints For Speed

Resistance sprints are a fantastic workout to develop explosive power, which is essential for speed. By using resistance bands during sprints, you engage your muscles more intensely, forcing them to work harder. To perform this workout, attach resistance bands to a stationary object and secure them around your waist. Begin by sprinting forward, focusing on driving your knees up high and maintaining proper running form. The resistance from the bands will challenge your leg muscles, improving your power and speed.

2. Agility Enhancement: Ladder Drills With Resistance

Agility is a crucial aspect of speed that allows you to change direction quickly and efficiently. Incorporating resistance into ladder drills can enhance your agility by providing additional challenge to your muscles. Set up a ladder on the ground, and attach resistance bands to a stationary object. Fasten the other end of the bands around your waist. Perform various ladder drills, such as the two-feet-in, two-feet-out drill or the lateral shuffle. The resistance from the bands will add an extra layer of difficulty, improving your agility and overall speed.

3. Endurance Boost: Hill Sprints With Resistance Bands

Endurance plays a significant role in maintaining speed throughout a long-distance race or game. Hill sprints are an effective way to build endurance while incorporating resistance bands further intensifies the workout. Find a steep hill or incline and strap on the resistance bands. Sprint up the hill, focusing on maintaining proper form and driving your legs forward. The resistance from the bands will challenge your muscles, enhancing your endurance and speed.

4. Quickness Development: Resistance Parachute Sprints

Resistance parachute sprints are an excellent workout for developing quickness, which is crucial for explosive speed. Attach a parachute to a harness around your waist and begin sprinting. As you sprint, the parachute creates resistance, forcing your muscles to work harder and increasing your quickness. This workout helps to improve your stride length and frequency, leading to enhanced speed and agility.

5. Acceleration Training: Band-Resisted Starts

Acceleration is a key element in achieving top speed. Band-resisted starts are an effective training method to improve your acceleration. Attach resistance bands to a stationary object, and secure them around your waist. Assume a starting position and explosively drive forward against the resistance of the bands. Focus on pushing off with power and maintaining a strong body position. This exercise helps to develop the strength and power needed for explosive acceleration, ultimately leading to improved speed.

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