Best Running Shoes for Weak Ankles

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As time goes on, running can take its toll on your ankles. Your ankles might become weak. When this happens, your ability to run faster and further reduces. You begin to feel uncomfortable and sometimes emotionally down. There is nothing as embarrassing as you not being able to do what you used to do. When you have weak ankles, you would need something to keep them stable. Also, you would need something that can absorb shocks, reduce further stress and provide good support.

Ah! But what can this be? A running shoe could be of help. It is important that you pay good attention to yourself and select the best shoe for you and not for someone else. To be on the safer side, it is advisable to go for the best running shoes for weak ankles. In this article, we are going to show you the best running shoes for your weak ankles. We will also show you some additional information.

Best Running Shoes for Weak Ankles


Your ankles might become weak as a runner for various reasons. Some of the basic ones are:​

No matter the reason, getting the best running shoes for weak ankles might save you a lot of stress and pain.


Choosing the best running shoes for your weak ankles might be sometimes complicated. Always have it in mind that no shoe works for everyone. There are some basic things you need to put into consideration. These are:

  • Your budget – are you on a tight budget? This is a question you need to answer. The price of running shoes varies and suits almost all budgets. It is most of the time advisable that you don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. The quality shoes are a bit costly, and they might be the best for you
  • The cause of your weak ankles – is also a perfect way to know the best running shoes for your weak ankles. For example, if your ankles are prone to sprains you would need a shoe that is laterally firm and stable outside. If arthritis is the cause of the weakness, you would need a well-cushioned shoe.
  • Read reviews – it can help you know the best brand of shoe to purchase for your weak ankles. Through the help of other users, you might be able to select the best shoe that suits your purpose.
  • Run or walk a little distance in the shoe


There are lots of benefits to enjoy by purchasing the best running shoes for weak ankles. Some of the top benefits are:​

  • They provide comfort and excellent stability to the ankles
  • Their weights are light for your speed needs
  • They offer a high shock absorption, making your joints and legs undergo little or no stress
  • Your foot is allowed to flex smoothly and naturally


Running does not require a lot of equipment. In fact, all you might need is your running shoes. They should be the best. Check below for the best running shoes for weak ankles.​

1. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 1080 V11 Running Shoe



  • The basic materials of this product are synthetic and fabric, and it has a rubber sole. These features contribute to its light weight.
  • Its midsole has fresh foam which provides good cushioning and absorbs shock easily
  • Included are flex grooves in the outsole and midsole. These amazing features improve flexibility and allow the transition of heel-toe to be smooth
  • It features lace-up and meshes at the top. They provide enough flexibility and comfort


  • Excellent for walking on uneven terrains
  • Offer great comfort for running
  • Product Provides excellent arch support
  • It is lightweight
  • It Provides great cushioning support


  • The toe box might be wider for some users

You can check other New Balance 1080 running shoes for your weak ankles.

2. HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 8 Womens Shoes



  • The product features rubber sole, mesh and lace-up
  • Its upper features Lycra comfort frame which ensures an improvement in heel comfort
  • Included are rubber overlays that are reinforced strategically. This feature ensures greater outsole durability
  • It offers an oversized midsole that is well cushioned. I love this feature absorbs the shock of hard surfaces and provides greater comfort


  • It can be used for both on and off the road runs
  • The product is supportive, comfortable, and offers consistent fit
  • The shoe provides high stability through the arch, heel, and back of the foot
  • It is perfect for all kinds of feet, especially those who need extra support


  • Users say the sole might not be as strong as expected

You can check Hoka Bondi for other best Hoka Bondi running shoes for weak ankles.

3. Brooks Men’s Addiction GTS 15 Supportive Running Shoe



  • The product features synthetic overlays, textile element linen, and mesh upper that ensures durability and makes sure your feet becomes cooler and drier
  • Included are collar and tongue that are well padded, insole foam that is removable, internal support saddle, and a full-length BioMoGo midsole that offers optimal energy return
  • It has a heel segmented crash pad. With this, you are assured of a smoother landing
  • Additionally, it features an extended progressive roll bar that is diagonal. A great feature that makes the transmission throughout the gait cycle smoother


  • It is breathable and lightweight
  • The product offers reinforced cushioning and stability
  • It offers long lasting durability
  • The product provides high comfort


  • Mesh might wear off quickly

You can check Brooks Addiction for other best Brooks Addiction running shoes for your weak ankles.


Understand what your ankle issue is by seeing a doctor. Get a recommendation on how to fix it. Most of the time it is through corrective exercises. Understand what your usage and running style is. Go for the best running shoes for weak ankles. You can select any of the one discussed above. They might work in all bad ankle conditions.​


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