Best Running Apps 2023: The Best For Beginners, iPhone And Android Users

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Running is one of the most helpful ways of living a healthy life and keeping yourself in good shape. With running, you can build your stamina, burn out excess fat, and boost your mood. Staying engaged and motivated is one of the issues most people faces.

Some of the time you find it difficult to achieve your fitness goal. This is because you don’t know the distance you have covered, and how fast you are moving. Also, you might sometimes find it hard to know your heartbeat while running. To succeed in your fitness goal, you need to know all these.

Technology has made everything easy. You can now measure your distance, speed, heartbeat, and much more with one or two clicks. There is a various running application available for your device. Whether you are using an iPhone or Android, you have access to various applications.

Yes, there are various applications but which ones are the best? These are the question we are going to answer in this article. We will show you the best running applications for beginners, iPhone, and Android.

Best Running Apps for Beginners​

1. Endomondo​

This is a free app for both iPhone and Android users. In actual time, it tracks calories, distance, and duration. As you run, it gives you the instant access to your progress. While running, it also gives you an audio feedback. Additionally, it allows for your friends and family to give you a pep talk while you run. It is a great app if you need to stay motivated. It tells you if you are making progress or not.

2. Nike​

It is also a free app for both Android and iPhone users. As a beginner, it can offer you complete support. With it, you can set challenges for a longer duration or per run. As a beginner, you would need something that can coach you. That is why this app also offers an excellent audio coach.

You can share your challenges and performances on social media. All you need to do is connect to a global runners network. You can discover top routes in your area and track goals by synchronizing your runs to the website of Nike+.

3. Runtastic​

It offers you the opportunity to keep an eye on your progress over a range of exercises. It is indeed one of the best running apps for beginners. You don’t need to wear another device on your wrist; it offers alarm and time functions.

It has a function that allows you to watch your workout in 3D. When you stop running, the auto-pause function stop recording. The app is free, and you can also pay for its premium.

Additionally, some other perfect running apps for beginners are RunKeeper, Map My Run, couch to 5k and much more.

Best Running App for iPhone​

1. Strava​

If you like to set new personal records, take up new challenges and compete, Strava might be the perfect app for you. This app is for runners who are after the improvement of the distribution of their pace and interval timing. It measures your activities in detail and tracks your runs.

With the advance performance metrics, it offers you can visualize your training. It also offers life feedback and the chance to join challenges around the world. Also, you can personalize your coaching, set new records and see how you measure up with your friends.

No doubt, there are some drawbacks. The membership might be expensive. Also, you can’t share whatever you wish to share. There are limitations. It has two plans- free and paid membership.

2. PumaTrac​

A great running app for iPhone. It blends advanced and simple functionality. Apart from running, you can track more than 25 fitness activities with this app. It reduces the stress of switching apps due to the auto-sync function that easily syncs with your iTunes.

You can also connect with runners in your area through the social news feed built in it. With it, you also have the opportunity to detect new running routes around you.

Drawbacks are what you can’t rule out. The tracking GPS feature drains the battery life. Also, some users might want privacy. So you might not be able to share your stats with a lot of people. It is a free app.

3. RunKeeper​

As one of the best running apps for iPhone, it is also one of the favorite apps among athletes. This is as a result of its high accuracy in steps, distance, and pace tracking. With this app, you can get audio updates about your speed, calorie count, total mileage, and pace.

In real-time, your workouts are tracked. Additionally, you can personalize your goals and track the progress as time goes on. A lot of fitness devices can be paired with the app. Some of the devices are Fitbit, Apple Watch, Pebble and much more.

The premium version might be expensive. Also, you would always be reminded to upgrade to the pro version. This can lead to distraction or disturbance.

Best Running App for Android​

1. Google fit​

You can measure your general progress by using the intuitive charts this app offers. You can obtain data points like elevation, routes, pace, and speed. Through that, you can know the progress of your workout. This App also offers you recommendations. These can be personalized for prolong workout time. Also, for further development of your stamina.

Google Fit can aggregate information on weight, sleep, nutrition and fitness with other fitness apps. You would not have to stress yourself using various running apps on your phone.

It has its drawbacks. The best and top routes in your area are not suggested to you. There are issues integrating with Android watch.

2. RockMyRun​

With this app, you would not have to lose concentration while running. To enhance your performance, this app plays tracks that are motivational. Just like other apps, it tracks your fitness progress.

It also aggregates with some other fitness apps. As you run, the music tempo is adjusted to match your steps.

3. Running For Weight Loss​

In case you are running to lose weight, this app would be perfect for you. It offers an advanced training with an audio coach. Unique interval plans of walking, sprinting, and running is featured. Your overall progress is tracked, and your entire workout is recorded.

From beginner to advanced, six training programs with an overall duration of 48 weeks are provided. This app also offers more than 900 music tracks to keep you motivated.


To stay healthy and fit, why not create time for fitness from your busy schedule. If you are finding it difficult to stay motivated, you can download any of the best running apps discussed above. Whether you are a beginner, iPhone or Android user you can have the apps on your phone. Most of them work on all platforms. However, if you have another opinion, we will be pleased to listen to you. You can use our comment box.​

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