A Guide to Buying the best walking Shoes for Under Pronation

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Our legs are one of the most important parts of our bodies. They carry the rest of the body and help us to move from one place to the others. When it comes to maintaining balance as well as enhancing a comfortable gait, our legs rarely disappoint. This means that we need to take care of our legs by getting the right shoes that can fit our feet which are part of our legs.

Pronation is the normal movement of the feet as the foot lands on the ground when you run or walk. In the case of an anomaly, one can suffer from a condition known as under pronation. One who suffers from the under pronation has to wear shoes which are modified to rectify the condition and ease the discomfort. Read on and get to learn about the best walking shoes for under pronation


Supination is another name used to refer to under pronation. This is the insufficient roll of the foot inward immediately after landing. This happens when the outer part of the heel contacts the ground first but the inward movement of the foot does not occur as it should. It occurs at a percentage which is less than fifteen percent.​

The impacts caused due to the force as the foot touches the ground is not distributed evenly, but affect only a small part of the leg more. The extra stress on that smaller part of the leg makes one to be prone to iliotibial band syndrome, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. Under pronation causes the outer edge of a pair of shoes to get worn out fast.


You need to ensure that you get the right pair of shoes which will assure you of comfort as you take your walks. Here are some factors you ought to keep into consideration:

  • Ensure that the inner side of the pair of shoes are flexible enough
  • Get lightweight shoes because they will allow your feet to move freely. They also assist in enhancing stability
  • A midsole with extra cushioning is ideal for the best walking shoes for under pronation. It aids in alleviating shock that can affect the bones as well as the joints
  • Look out for walking shoes with a flexible midsole. It enhances a running surface which is even and pronation too
  • To allow pronation to take place, get shoes which have a curved last


Under pronation causes the positioning of the foot to be abnormal. This puts your feet at a risk of getting some injuries. Here are some of the injuries which come as a result of under pronation:

Stress fractures​

This is the most common injury brought about by under pronation. These are bone fractures which are minute. They occur due to the great force applied on them because of the abnormal positioning of the foot. The abnormal foot positioning makes foot arches and muscles be impaired.

This makes them unable to absorb the stress caused and so the bones which are around that region crack. To prevent this, ensure that you wear under pronation shoes during your walks and workouts and take enough rest after vigorous exercise.


This is the term used to refer to the tissue inflammation which occurs at the balls located on the feet. The inflammation affects the third and fourth toes mostly as well as the tissues beneath the big toes.

To determine if your condition is Metatarsalgia, there will be a burning feeling at the balls of the feet or worse, a stabbing. The pressure exerted on the balls of the feet makes the condition worse but having some rest aids in making the pain subside. You can also feel a tingly feeling or numbness.

Tibial Stress Syndrome

This is a common condition with under pronation and over pronation. It is characterized by a persistent pain in the anterior and posterior tibialis tendon. This is generally the shin region. The more you engage in doing exercises, the more the pain gets.

It is caused by the awkward walking position when one has under pronation or over pronation. Structures such as the shin, ankle and the Achilles tendon try to adjust to ensure that one moves accordingly.

As time passes by, they get injured and can barely handle the pressure. To rectify the situation, you should not engage in activities that are likely to hurt the shin such as taking a walk downhill or too much running. Wearing shin guards also helps a great deal.​


1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes

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This pair of shoes has a silicone-based gel which protects the forefoot from blows. To enhance fit, it has cushioning which is gender specific and a lacing pattern which is asymmetrical. Its midsoles have the responsive Solyte(r) which minimizes shock upon impact.

It will guarantee you comfort from the toes to the heel. What’s more, this pair of shoes also has an outsole which is very durable and has a higher level of abrasion resistance.

Top Features

  • Has an outsole which is durable and has high abrasion resistance
  • Its biomorphic upper fit enhances the ability of the pair of shoes to fit perfectly.
  • It has a rubber sole which enhances grip on the ground.
  • Made of synthetic fiber and synthetic leather.


  • Quite comfortable
  • Fit perfectly
  • Breathable due to the synthetic material used to make them
  • Its dynamic cradle of the forefront which guides your foot to a toe-off is efficient.
  • Its midsole material is light and has enhanced cushioning, and it will serve you long enough.


  • The disappointing bit about these shoes is that they are not flexible
  • Expensive

2. Brooks Women’s Glycerin 20 Neutral Running Shoe

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The Brooks 20 have a DNA technology which is specific and adjusts appropriately with the change in impact and your pace. It has a gel-like material at the forefront and at the heel. It ensures that you do not feel just right and comfy, but also very firm and not excessively squishy.

Its upper part gives your foot a bear hug so that it is securely gets support. It fits perfectly and offers you comfort as you have your runs. What’s more, this pair of shoes is very breathable as well because it is made using a mesh material.

If you are always about the weight of your shoes, bid goodbye to your worries as this pair of shoes is very light.​

Top Features

  • Offers ideal comfort
  • Made of synthetic and meshed material.
  • Its sole is made of rubber.
  • Cush pod configuration for flexibility.
  • Offers cushioning for your feet with every different stride you take, thanks to the S-257 Cushsole which is full-length.


  • Offers proper foot support
  • It is breathable because it is made of mesh material
  • Comfortable at all terrains and paces as the manufacturer ensures that their cushioning is right
  • Light in weight


  • Do not last long to serve you for long
  • Extremely stiff such that they can put you at the risk of developing bunions on your feet

3. adidas Men’s Supernova

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If you are a committed runner who will not be pinned down by poor weather or under pronation food problems, then you just found your perfect match. This pair of running shoes is made to offer nothing less than quality services. With a springy boost cushion and a more stable form to control energy, your performance while wearing this pair of shoes will be at its peak.

To make sure that there is enough grip when running on these shoes, they feature a continental rubber outsole to enable you to run in both dry and wet conditions. It also features a breathable mesh upper that will make sure that your feet get fresh air circulation inside the shoes. What’s more, this pair of shoes comes in several colors so that those who have preferred colors can have a variety to choose from.​

Top Features

  • Rubber sole
  • Continental rubber outsole for better grip in dry and wet conditions
  • Synthetic/Textile
  • Stretch web rubber outsole
  • Lightweight


  • It is durable because of its rubber sole and the synthetic/textile materials
  • It is very light in weight making it ideal for taking care of foot pronator problems
  • It is suitable to be used in both dry and wet weather conditions
  • It fits well and is also very comfortable
  • The sneakers have a great aesthetic beauty because they come in several colors as well


  • Not perfect for those with wide feet

4. Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 18 Running Shoe

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This is a lightweight pair of shoes that guarantees stability and flexibility as well as cushioning of your forefoot from the impact with the ground. It is light in weight as its midsole material is also light in weight.

Anyone looking for the best walking shoes for under pronation that will enhance their stability should actually consider this product. What’s more, its midsoles are made of a material which is very durable and will act as the best shock absorber.​

Top Features

  • Has a synthetic sole
  • There is a distance of 3.3” from the arch
  • Has a breathable upper due to the air mesh fabric
  • Has systems which are fit to enhance flexibility of your feet
  • The midsole material U4ic is durable and acts as a shock absorber


  • The Inspire is breathable to ensure that your leg does not get sweaty and that the pair of shoes doesn’t get a poor odor
  • Its outsole is tough enough to have a firm grip on the ground
  • In the inside, the pair of shoes has ortholite sock which provides extra padding and dampness tapping and prevents against microbial assurance
  • The pair of shoes is secure and fits perfectly due to the sewed overlays found at the average sides and the sidelong


  • Offer less stability compared to the older version
  • Slightly constricts at the toe area which can make your toes rather uncomfortable

5. Nike Mens Free Rn 5.0 Next Nature Running Shoe

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The Nike Company made this pair of shoes to create the feeling of walking on the spongy ground while barefoot. It is light in weight and gives support to your leg as you walk. It will serve you for a longer period due to its durability.

The appealing appearance of this pair of shoes will also attract most people to buy it. The product is very durable and offers the best traction you could ever think of. While it is made of a synthetic material, this should not fool you into thinking that this pair of shoes is low quality.​

Top Features

  • Made of synthetic material
  • Stretchy mesh with seamless support
  • Solid rubber at the medial toe
  • Its waffle outsole enhances great toe-off and traction. It also makes the shoe durable enough to serve you for a longer period of time


  • Its upper part has a simple and unstructured design
  • Very comfortable to walk in, gives a feeling of walking barefoot on the bare spongy ground.
  • Offers support and protection to your feet
  • Flexible enough to allow the whole foot to be in action as you walk
  • Has an appealing appearance


  • Shoes barely fit as per the size. You have to order one that is a size bigger
  • The stability is not appealing


After reading this comprehensive review article, I hope that you can now easily get yourself the best walking shoes for under pronation. Following the guidelines that are given in the article, I am sure that this will be a simple task.

From our review, we declare the Saucony ProGrid Triumph 7 to be the best walking shoe for under pronation. It allows smooth transition as you run, from the heel to your forefront. If you are a neutral runner, this is the right pair of shoes for you. It will ensure that your feet remain cool and dry as it has a moisture-wicking lining.

Your feet will be comfortable as the pair of shoes has plenty of cushioning. The ProGrid technology reduces the impact of the ground on your leg and also dissipates shock. The outsole is made of rubber which offers great traction. You will have no regrets with the Saucony ProGrid Triumph 7.

Please leave a comment and if you liked the article, share it with those who are interested in learning about the best shoes for under pronation. You can try out several types of shoes that we have reviewed till you find one that gives you the comfort you were seeking. Let us know the pair of shoes that you will choose and the reasons why you have chosen it.​

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