A Comprehensive Review on the Best Walking Shoes for Bunions

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Bunions make every single step you take extremely painful. This is because the bunions are at the joints where toes bend as you walk. Trust me, this will make you feel as if all your weight exerts pressure on the bunion, and the rest of your foot bears no weight.

If your shoes do not fit you properly, you are likely to suffer from bunions. Some could be too tight on your feet. The best remedy is to wear the right shoes. These shoes will make sure that you don’t feel any pain from the bunions.

A Comprehensive Review on the Best Walking Shoes for Bunions


Choosing the best walking shoes for bunions is not simply a walk in the park. There are so many things that you must consider to make the perfect decision. I have discussed some of the features that you need to consider below.

Sturdiness in the heel area.​

​This prevents friction which can occur in case your leg slips. The presence of a heel collar also ensures that your ankle is cushioned and that the shoe fits appropriately.

A wide toe box​

The toe box area is used to refer to the area in the shoe where the toes rest. A large toe box area is ideal because it provides a wide area that will prevent calluses. The toe room should be slightly larger than the other parts of the shoe.


Removable insoles are ideal for shoes for bunions. This allows you to take them out for drying and also for laundering. The insole should also offer support and cushioning for your feet and arch.

An elastic upper body​

Having the upper body of your pair of shoes cushioned is quite helpful. This is important if you intend to be walking in your shoes. The elasticity offers enough room for legs with bunions and relieves you of the pain.


It makes contact with the ground. It should be flexible and wide to offer support and have treads which will maintain traction. This prevents slipping.

Foam, midsole or gel​

These are crucial modifications in walking shoes for bunions. They protect your feet and cushion them from impact upon hitting the ground.


When you have bunions on your feet, exercising and walking will be difficult. You need a flexible pair of shoes that will ensure that your ankles and feet are safe and comfortable. This will help you avoid your feet from internal injuries.

Size of the pair of shoes​

This is an important factor to consider, yet many people barely pay any attention to it. If you intend to buy a pair of walking shoes for bunions, you have to get one that is a little bigger than the size of your feet.

If you get one that fits perfectly, you are likely to have your bunions pressed, and this will certainly cause you pain. Its length should be approximately a half inch longer than your longest toe. This gives more room for your feet to fit.

It also prevents your toes from suffering from the effects of friction with the inner part of the shoe.

The material used to make the pair of shoes​

High-quality material is appropriate for making walking shoes for bunions. The ideal material is soft leather. The soft feel will protect the swollen bumps on your feet and the bone tissues.


Lightweight shoes are of so much benefit if you have some bunions on your feet. This will prevent you from fatigue and also minimize the pressure they exert on your bunions. The overall effect will be reducing the pain on the bunions which will hasten the recovery.


You need to get yourself a durable pair of walking shoes for bunions. This will help you to keep your feet safe for a longer period of time.

Here are the best 5 products we thought could be ideal for people with bunions.​

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 8 Mid Top Running Shoes

Via Amazon.com


Taking a walk is one thing one can barely do without. When bunions come in the picture, they will make you hate making even a single step. Do not let your walks be compromised because the ASICS GEL TECH NEO 4 will give you the ultimate solution to your problem. With the bunion window present, it will relieve you of the pain, and your walks will be far much easier.


  • Offers you comfort if you have bunions. It has a midsole made of SoLyte foam
  • Has a bunion window
  • Made of fabric and synthetic material
  • The most recent version of the Gel Tech shoes
  • ​Breathable, thanks to the mesh lining at the collar, GEL cushioning and a padded tongue
  • Has a rubber sole which offers you a firm grip on the ground


  • Flexible
  • Has a mesh on its upper side that makes it breathable. This will keep your legs cool even during the days when the sun is extremely hot
  • Comfortable
  • Offers stability due to the firm grip


  • Expensive

Arcopedico Women’s Ls

Via Amazon.com


This is a must have pair of bunion shoes. It is comfortable. Wearing it will cause you no hassles because you will only need to slip it on. The outsole is made of synthetic material which offers traction even when you walk for a long distance.

The insole has a cushion which will offer you comfort. Its upper part is light and made of a material that stretches. This makes your feet to fit in perfectly.​


  • Made of leather material
  • Comfortable as it has its sole cushioned
  • Has a sole which is non-slip
  • Its height heel is one and a half inches long
  • Its top line is padded to increase comfort


  • Comfortable to walk in
  • Lightweight
  • Assists in making the leg muscles strong as well as enhancing blood circulation
  • Great appearance and can suit every day’s outfit


  • Not worth the price, they are not made using leather.

Propet Women’s Olivia Walking Shoe

Via Amazon.com


These slip-on shoes are made with leather which is supple. They are stretchable to relieve you of the pain caused by bunions. The shoes have an extra width which provides room for the hammer toes and bunions.

It prevents them from abrasion and friction. It has removable insoles which allow you to customize the shoes to your liking. For trendy women and ladies, this pair of shoes will be perfect with any outfit.​


  • Made of leather which is durable
  • Elastic
  • Has double insoles
  • Approved for diabetic individuals
  • Its sole is synthetic which makes it flexible and gives it a firm grip


  • Durable as it is made of leather
  • Easy to put on and remove, thanks to its single strap closure system
  • Its double inner sole is removable, and so you can customize it to your liking
  • Has a smooth lining which increases its comfort. To add to that, its padded tongue and collar give your legs a cozy feel
  • The shoe is lined with a heel counter that is anti-slip


  • Upon delivery, most shoes did not fit the customers, especially those who have enlarged toes

Dr. Comfort Carter Therapeutic Extra Depth Shoes

Via Amazon.com


These pair of shoes have been modified for individuals whose feet require special attention. To make them suitable for legs with bunions, the shoes have an upper part which is seamless to reduce the extent of friction. It is made using lycra which is stretchable.

They are strapped with Velcro, which makes them easy to wear and easy to remove. For people whose feet require the extra area to fit, the shoe’s depth has been enhanced in the toe box region. These shoes will also accommodate legs with edematous ankles and feet.​


  • Made of Lycra which is elastic and has a padded lining
  • Has one Velcro strap for closure. This makes the shoe easy to wear and remove
  • Has enough space which can accommodate feet with large ankles and feet
  • Designed as a therapeutic pair of shoes which will offer you comfort as well as protection


  • Easy to take off and put on
  • The manufacturer does excellent packaging, including adding an extra pair of insoles
  • Very comfortable as they have ample room in the toe box
  • Offer stability


  • Overpriced
  • Not suitable for large feet since they barely fit

New Balance Men’s 857 V3 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

Via Amazon.com


If you are seeking comfort and stability, these are the ideal shoes for you. The manufacturer of these shoes considers the needs of both men and women. They offer room for the bunions and so you will be comfortable during your training.

They are available in black and white colors. To add to the comfort, the pair of shoes is made of a mesh on the upper side. It will give you service long enough because it is made of leather which is durable.


  • Offers you comfort as it has mesh on the upper side
  • Its outsole is non-marking
  • Its midsole is made of EVA foam
  • Has a rubber sole which offers good grip on the ground
  • Made of leather and mesh to increase breathability
  • To help in pronation, the shoe has TPU support.


  • Durable as it is made of leather
  • Smartly designed
  • Made of high-quality material, leather mesh which is strong. This assures you of its durability
  • Made using exquisite technology, the ROLLBAR, and lateral TPU which offer motion control


  • The sole is not of good quality. After a very short time, it starts making some unpleasant noise as you walk
  • Not suitable for people who have wide feet. It is narrow


If you have bunions then you know very well that you can’t walk using these regular shoes. You must go for the best walking shoes for bunions which will make sure you walk easily and effortless. You are also fortunate to have read this article that has outlined almost all the information you need to know when buying best walking shoes for bunions.

While all the walking shoes discussed above would work well for you, there is this particular one that we would like to highly recommend. The ASICS GEL TECH NEO 4 Walking Shoes with Bunion Window is the best walking shoe among the five that we reviewed above. Its updated version offers enough room to house the painful bunions, and this protects them from any abrasion and friction. It has some mesh which ensures that the shoe is breathable to enhance circulation of air

Do you agree with us that this should be the highly recommended walking pair of shoes for bunions? Tell us what you think.


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