9 Effective Ways to Prevent Shorts from Riding Up: A Comprehensive Guide

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How To Keep Shorts From Riding Up: 9 Helpful Tips

Introduction: Common Problem and Frustrating Dilemma

Shorts riding up can be an incredibly frustrating issue, causing discomfort and embarrassment. Whether you’re enjoying a casual stroll or engaging in sports activities, constantly pulling down your shorts can ruin the experience. Fortunately, there are effective techniques and tips to keep your shorts in place throughout the day. In this article, we will explore nine helpful tips to prevent your shorts from riding up and ensure optimal comfort.

Choose the Right Fit: Shorts that Stay in Place

When it comes to preventing shorts from riding up, selecting the right fit is crucial. Opt for shorts that closely hug your body without being too tight. Consider the following factors while choosing the right fit:

  1. Waistband: Look for shorts with a snug, elasticized waistband that provides a secure fit without digging into your skin.
  2. Rise: Opt for shorts with an appropriate rise, which is the measurement from the crotch to the top of the waistband. A higher rise can help keep your shorts in place.
  3. Leg Opening: Shorts with a slightly tapered leg opening can minimize the chances of riding up.

Fabric Matters: Optimal Materials for Non-Riding Shorts

The fabric of your shorts plays a significant role in preventing them from riding up. Optimal materials can provide the right balance of stretch, breathability, and grip. Consider the following fabric options:

Fabric TypeBenefits
CottonBreathable and comfortable, but may have less stretch
NylonProvides excellent stretch and moisture-wicking capabilities
SpandexOffers superior elasticity and helps maintain shape
PolyesterDurable, lightweight, and quick-drying
LycraEnhances flexibility and prevents riding up

Length Matters: Finding the Perfect Hemline

The length of your shorts can greatly impact their tendency to ride up. Finding the right hemline is essential for maintaining comfort and preventing constant adjustments. Consider the following suggestions for selecting the perfect length:

  1. Inseam Length: Choose shorts with a longer inseam length, preferably hitting just above or below your knees. Longer shorts provide more fabric to grip onto, reducing the chances of riding up.
  2. Rolling or Cuffing: If you prefer shorter shorts, consider rolling or cuffing the hem. This technique adds weight and grip, helping to keep the shorts in place.

Securing with Elastic: Techniques to Prevent Riding Up

Securing your shorts with elastic can be an effective method to prevent them from riding up. Here are a few techniques to consider:

  1. Elastic Band: Sewing a thin elastic band inside the waistband of your shorts can provide additional grip and prevent them from slipping.
  2. Safety Pins: Use safety pins to secure the inner side seams of your shorts to the lining. This technique helps keep the fabric in place, minimizing ride-up.

Layering: Strategic Garment Combinations for Stability

Layering strategically can contribute to the stability of your shorts, preventing them from riding up. Consider the following garment combinations:

  1. Compression Shorts: Wearing compression shorts underneath your regular shorts can provide a secure base layer that minimizes friction and movement.
  2. Bike Shorts or Leggings: Pairing your shorts with bike shorts or leggings adds an extra layer of fabric, reducing the chances of riding up.

Extra Measures: Practical Tips to Keep Shorts in Position

In addition to the aforementioned techniques, here are some practical tips to keep your shorts in position:

  1. Anti-Chafing Products: Apply anti-chafing creams or powders to areas prone to friction, such as the inner thighs. This reduces the likelihood of shorts riding up due to sweat and friction.
  2. Avoid Smooth Surfaces: Be cautious while sitting on smooth surfaces or leather seats, as they can cause your shorts to slide up. Use a towel or fabric to create friction and prevent slipping.
  3. Belt or Drawstring: If your shorts have a belt or drawstring, ensure they are properly tightened to maintain a secure fit.
  4. Avoid Oversized Pockets: Bulky or oversized pockets can contribute to shorts riding up. Opt for shorts with smaller, more streamlined pockets.


  1. How can I prevent my shorts from riding up while running?

    To prevent shorts from riding up while running, consider wearing compression shorts underneath. They provide a secure base layer and minimize friction.

  2. Can I use hairspray to keep my shorts from riding up?

    While hairspray may provide temporary grip, it is not a reliable long-term solution. It can also leave residue on the fabric.

  3. Should I buy shorts with a tighter fit to prevent riding up?

    While a snug fit is important, avoid purchasing shorts that are too tight. They may restrict movement and cause discomfort.

  4. How often should I readjust my shorts to prevent riding up?

    With the right fit and techniques, you should not need to readjust your shorts frequently. If they continuously ride up, consider implementing some of the tips mentioned in this article.

  5. Can I use safety pins to secure my shorts?

    Yes, safety pins can be used to secure the inner side seams of your shorts to prevent riding up. Ensure they are properly fastened without causing discomfort.

  6. How can I prevent my shorts from riding up while cycling?

    For cycling, consider wearing bike shorts or leggings underneath your regular shorts. This provides an extra layer of fabric for stability and reduces friction.

  7. Is it necessary to buy specialized non-riding shorts?

    While specialized non-riding shorts are available, implementing the tips mentioned in this article should suffice in preventing your regular shorts from riding up.

Remember, finding the right fit, choosing appropriate fabrics, and implementing techniques like layering and securing with elastic can significantly reduce the annoying problem of shorts riding up. By following these nine helpful tips, you can enjoy your activities without constantly adjusting your shorts and experience optimal comfort.

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