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I love running. When I run… I enter a happy place. I could see myself as an elite but unfortunately my level of fitness and pace cannot warrant such acclaim. I am the quintessential average runner who loves to run trails, preferably away from the lights of civilization.

Kia ora and welcome to NZTRAILRUN.COM, a dream forming into reality.

I’m Jonathan, the one in the yellow. The handsome fellow in the green is my brother in-law Michael. This is us in 2009 after just finishing study at Otago University. Oh how things have changed for us! We have traded Speights for Hoka’s and are so amped to bring the world this website, it has so much awesomeness to offer.

Living in New Zealand has given us a deep respect and love for the outdoors; kiwi’s culture is bred on it. There is a reason Sir Edmund Hillary and the All Blacks hail from our island shores!

We want to inspire; inspire ourselves, inspire the daily runner, and maybe even inspire the runner of 20 years ago. We will share with you what is our beautiful doorstep. The parts of this country on postcards and in magazines. The parts seemingly unobtainable to a city slickers eye, both at home and abroad. And by “we” I mean you and I.


NZ TRAILRUN is a portal, a magical space where you can share your dreams and goals, accomplishments, your pain, your vertical gain and what your head said to your heart when climbing up some abominable mountainside. We want you to contribute anything and everything you think the running community would like to see. Simply email us your piece of personal work, we’ll make sure it isn’t too crass, and whammy – up it goes!

Blogs, photos, videos, race previews, race reviews, gear reviews, or anything interesting you want to share we will take with open arms. Let’s make NZ TRAILRUN.COM the first website you want to hit in the morning once firmly settled at your work desk with coffee in hand. You the contributor will be the heart of NZ TRAILRUN and to keep it pumping we are hosting NZ’s only nationwide FKT database.

The Teamjd and mike

We have some amazing athletes as NZ TRAILRUN ambassadors, sharing their love of running and where the dedication of the sport is taking them. Follow their highs and lows through training, nutrition, gear and races and use them as your personal oracle, the guys and gals of NZ TRAILRUN are only too happy to answer questions or offer advice. This is only the start of NZ TRAILRUN! We have some pretty aspirational ideas involving the local and international running community so bookmark this site and settle in for the ride.

Adventure Awaits, Get Out, Be Inspired!


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