The following terms and conditions apply to all our NZ Trail Tours.

Pricing policy

All pricing is in New Zealand dollars and includes all GST (goods and services tax) at 15%. Quoted costs, specific accommodations and activities and times are subject to change and availability until either a firm reservation is secured by the person or by NZ Trail Tours on demand.

Payment policy

We ask for a one off payment of NZ$399 before organising reservations for the person. If the person wants NZ Trail Tours to pay for all accommodation and/or activities on behalf these costs will be in addition to the one off payment. A full quote will be supplied to the person after the one off payment is made.

The one off payment of NZ$399 is non refundable.

Full and final payment if NZ Trail Tours are paying on behalf

Full and final payment for the balance of your tour costs is payable 45 days prior to your tour commencing. This date will be clearly displayed on your itinerary and documentation

We accept all payments through PayPal invoice, meaning you have a safe and secure method to pay by credit card, debit card or through various PayPal options

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your tour for any reason at any time, however please bear in mind our cancellation costs. Accommodation and other third party providers may have cancellation policies that impart fees for cancellations at anytime. Particularly in peak time the need to fill rooms is paramount to individuals businesses and in many cases their livelihood. With this in mind please be aware that cancelling your tour or making major changes you may incur additional fees. As almost every property, activity and other business may have different rules and conditions please ask if you would like to be made aware of each of these for your tour prior to confirmation of your final itinerary

Cancellation anytime following confirmation of your tour arrangements:

If NZ Trail Tours have paid on behalf we will work to have you refunded the fee minus any applicable cancellation fee from the third party. If the person has paid individually without the assistance of NZ Trail Tours it will be the persons responsibility to sort refund.

Cancellation 7 days or less prior your tour commencement date:

If you cancel your tour 7 days or less prior to your tour commencement date a cancellation fee of 100% of the total tour reservation.

While we understand that cancellations may at times be unavoidable we highly recommend you purchase adequate travel insurance to cover you for this.

A travel agent or other third party may have their own cancellation policy and if the reservation was made through such a third party you may be liable for additional cancellation costs. Please check when you make your reservation through a travel agent or third party.

Additional cancellation fees may be incurred for, but not necessarily limited to, reservations for other activities and accommodation. NZ Trail Tours reserves the right to reclaim these costs from you if purchased on behalf.

Amending or changing your tour
You may change the dates of your tour at any time (subject to availability of the specific components), however any third party costs, such as hotel amendment fees or cancellation costs will be payable by you. Please also bear in mind that amending the dates may alter the cost.

Amending the entire tour to alternate dates inside 14 days of arrival of the original confirmed tour will incur a fee of NZ$299 plus any cancellation or third party fees or price increases.

Our rights

New Zealand Trail Tours Ltd reserves the right to amend pricing at any time. In the event of an amendment to an itinerary that is beyond our control some services and products may be replaced. New Zealand Trail Tours Ltd guarantees that the replacement will be of equal or higher quality.

Any information provided is done so with the understanding that the information may have been provided by a third party and should therefore only be used as a guideline. New Zealand Trail Tours Ltd may use third party suppliers or providers of some services and products and as such acts as agents for those suppliers. Any claim or liability resulting from those services or products is the responsibility of the supplier or provider.

New Zealand Trail Tours Ltd, its employees, independent contractors, suppliers and any person acting on behalf of New Zealand Trail Tours Ltd accept no responsibility for damage or loss to property or person howsoever caused.


We recommend you seek local and professional advice on your specific insurance needs at the time you make your reservation. Many insurance providers can include cancellation or interruption cover. This means that should your flight be delayed or cancelled or you need to amend your plans due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances then fees imposed by us or our suppliers may be recoverable. Check with your insurance provider and ask the question. It is your responsibility to ensure you are adequately covered.

Car Rental

Car rental is to be settled directly with the car rental supplier unless specified to NZ Trail Tours. Any other costs incurred by the renter are the sole responsibility of the renter. A full set of terms and conditions for car rental is available on request and will be detailed in your confirmed quote from that supplier.

Third party terms and conditions

The omission of a link or reference to terms and conditions for third parties does not imply that our terms and conditions supersede those. It is impractical to list all of our providers terms and conditions and on request we can supply their individual terms and conditions to you or answer a specific question. At the time of reservation we will endeavour to provide you with any information we feel you should be aware of but it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure you are happy with these terms.

Honest, fair and reasonable

New Zealand Trail Tours Ltd prides itself on operating with honest, fair and reasonable business practices and has been built on providing excellent service and product to its guests. Should you feel that the product or service you have experienced did not live up to our promise then please contact the managing director directly onĀ (+64) 27 5633065. All possible actions will be undertaken to rectify the situation to your satisfaction.

Statutory Protections under New Zealand Law

These terms and conditions should be read subject to and in conjunction with the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act (applicable in New Zealand) and do not affect your rights as expressed in these acts.