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james002Why am I raising money for Child Cancer Foundation:

In May 2015 we were hit with news that shattered our world; our son Dylan had leukemia. We would have to move from our home in Wellington to Christchurch. This was for an initial 6-8 weeks for further tests and treatment. The tests diagnosed him with a rare type of Acute Myeloid Leukemia, as a result would require multiple rounds of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.
He began the chemotherapy part of his treatment the day after his second birthday.
That 6-8 weeks in Christchurch became three months, knowing there would be a further extended period of time at Starship while Dylan underwent a bone marrow transplant. This was to cure him of leukemia with a view to prevent it returning. Early on in the treatment program we were advised as parents to do exercise to help keep us sane. The choice of exercise was obvious. Run. In the previous month we’d both run marathons; Wanaka’s inaugural Trail Marathon, (now known as the Wanaka Sun Marathon), and the Rotorua Marathon. We ran to raise funds for an area of Starship that was treating our friends terminally ill child.
The moment our ordeal began we were helped out significantly to get through it all by a number of charities. It became obvious that any future fundraising we’d do would be to help out those who helped us.

One of the charities that significantly helped along the journey was The Child Cancer Foundation.

After we all returned home at the end of the year, they continued to help with all the after-effects and life changing world we’d returned to. One of the many services they’ve provided since, for example, was a sports grant to Dylan. This allowed Dylan to catch up on his swimming lessons so when he’s ready to swim with others, he won’t be behind. Everything is helping us all return to a normal life.
Due to their continued support we will be forever grateful and indebted to them.  This is why I’v focussed on raising fundsjames001 for this incredible charity. In the process I will always be pushing myself further / harder to get somewhere close to understanding what Dylan went through with his treatment. And how hard all the charities and medical staff worked to get us all to this stage.
The first event I’m running (currently) is the Queenstown Marathon. Air New Zealand is providing the place for this event to help begin the fundraising, and to up the ante I’ve a target of improving my marathon PB of 3:47. The next event scheduled is the big one – the Tarawera 100 in February 2017. This will easily be my biggest challenge to date, a challenge that both excites and intimidates me, and in the process hopefully I can help raise funds and give back to a charity that gives it’s all to families going through child cancer.
The Everyday Hero page is here: Help Covering Ks for CCF make a difference

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  1. jason

    fantastic effort and great job- hope you get a on! I’d love to meet up with you in Tarawera and say hi!