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After running several races within 4-6 weeks of each other, I am currently having a bit of a breather before my next event.

Now for me, that means no specific race training plan to adhere to. However, I still use a base maintenance training schedule to keep aerobic fitness and strength levels at a reasonable standard.

This will look different for everyone, and it includes complete rest days as well.

It’s also a time when I may gain the odd kilo or two, as my love of dark chocolate and carbs is indulged more than usual. . .bye bye abs.

So what does my base maintenance training involve?



Ok. Just to clarify things, I’m not a certified fitness person/coach/professional. And i don’t pretend to be. I just know what works for me by a combination of trial and error, advice from my coaches/running friends, and general life experience.IMG_20160829_161319

So, my number one rule during a base training phase is “Have Fun!!”

It’s like falling in love with running all over again. . . For me, having an adventure each time i head out, is like the running “honeymoon phase”. I find it connects me with the sheer joy of movement and freedom that first drew me to running.

I don’t really do much speed work or interval training during this time. In fact, you will probably find me on the trails just running slow and long.

I usually keep my weekly mileage around 80-100kms (50-60 miles) to maintain my base.

I also find it’s a great time to test out new gear/shoes, and try different nutrition combinations.

And last of all, taking it easy allows me to be a bit more social with other runners, rather than trying to nail targeted workouts.



So that’s really it. Nothing fancy, flash or interesting. However it gives my body and mind a chance to reset and keep my base foundation. So now I can build on it for the next event when the time comes to hurt again.  Hope your week is going well. . . Happy running everyone!




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