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Having been a Runner my whole life, and turning my passion into my job 5 years ago, I have discovered through my own training, and those who have suffered along the way with my many ridiculous looking, and sometimes bizarre exercises, that strength and conditioning has long been the neglected part of every runners training plan.

Most of the time it is just a bit of misconception of what strength and conditioning is. Hopefully over the weeks I can give you a few tips and insights on how it all works and how simple it can be for everyone from weekend warrior to inspiring pro

So let’s start with the biggest issue why we don’t include strength and conditioning in our training time management. For a lot of people it is a genuine lack of time. This is where your training plan comes into play. Set out your weekly plan with the types of runs you need to do, it might be, for example, a long run, hill session, fartlek and a tempo run session strength and conditioning.

Try and cut down on all those miles of the same old speed and the same old distance, make a slow run slow(don’t skimp on the zone 2 training, we all hate running this slow but in the long run it will pay off. We will go through this another time.) Make a fast fast and more than anything don’t get caught in the trap of always going out and running at full bore you will just hurt your body and will generally find your speed hitting a wall.

By training smarter you will find you have a lot more time and have a lot less injuries.

Question time:

So what is S&C?

It’s any exercise or movement that is going to help you with your running. This includes weights, stretching, balance, mobility, muscle balance, sling work and pretty much anything that prevents injury and improves performance.


Can you stand on one foot with your eyes shut, do you get the same old injures time and time again be IT band issues, back issues or constantly rolling your ankles. You all always need to ask why these things happened rather than covering them up with strapping or orthotics or just saying I’ve never had good balance or I’ve always had weak ankles. In most cases we just need to work on our weaknesses. They can be fixed.

How often?

You will have massive improvements in your running by just spending 10-15 mins a day with one longer harder session a week.  Little and often is the key.

Where do I Start?

Hopefully if you enjoy this I will be posting up little tips each week to help you out with general running issues. or leave a comment about issues you are having, and I will do my best to answer all. Otherwise if you live in Auckland pop down and see me or visit me at www.healthstrive.co.nz

Tip of the week.

This is what is normally called robustness training, it is nice and quick and can be done every day or as a warm up before your run.  It helps fire up those glutes, engage the core and ready’s you for the miles ahead.

For this you will need a light band or Physio band.

Start with a glute walk.

Set as seen in the picture below  then start taking small steps making sure your feet are never closer then hip width. You want to take about 15 steps one way then 15 steps back. When you do this exercise you should feel it really working your backside. If you are not and can feel your thighs doing the work stop and tense you bum it’s still asleep. You may need to repeat this a few times.











Next up is a bit of ballet


This works on glute and hamstring activation along with balance and posture

Stand on one leg with you knee slightly bent push the other leg back with in turn brings your body forward. Squeeze you bum to bring you back up. Repeat 10 times on each leg


Then everybody’s favourite.


Start with front. The aim is to get to 2min, start small and work your way up by 5 seconds a week.

Use a mirror and make sure your back is not arching. (a slight curve is ok) You should feel no pressure or pain in your back. A good way to fix this this is once again squeeze your bum and it will kick in those core muscles


Next are side planks.

Once again the goal is 2min.Hold as shown in the pic below. It is pretty fail safe. Just make sure your elbow is under your shoulder and your body is in a nice straight line


Repeat this three times and enjoy

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