NZTR Co-Chief

History of Running

One of my earliest memories is running a sprint race at primary school, battling it out with a kid who ended up standing next to me as I married my wife. It’s always been a passion. I am addicted to the state of mind I can enter. A place without distractions. Somewhere i can be as competitive or participative as I want, but without the pressure. I have never competed in a race outside school but this will be changing… and very soon. I want to target Ultras, why? Because I like the thought of long and slow. Very long and slow.

Why Trails

I have always enjoyed the forest. Christchurch is lucky in respect to its proximity to large forest areas, most with recreational tracks. I live on the east side of Christchurch and run Bottle Lake Forest constantly. This coupled with bad knees has lead (or pushed) me towards the softer ground of trail running.

Max distance to date

Here I am revealing goals to the masses of running 100km ultras when the longest I have run is 32 km training a couple of weeks ago. And damn did I learn a lot from that experience. Read my blog to find out the hurt! I will share with you my training methods over time. Hopefully I will learn from some of you how to run efficiently over long distances. It’s going to be an interesting journey on my way to Queen Charlotte Track!


I am a Fishery Officer in Christchurch for the Ministry for Primary Industries. I have been here a little over 5 years and enjoy what I do. It allows me to see a great deal of the coastline on both sides of the island while providing a duty that I am passionate about. In summer if i’m not running i’ll be in the sea either surfing, diving or spearfishing. I love the outdoors and everything it has to offer.

Training days

Generally 6 to 7 days a week with a combination of gym work and running. I normally try to get 4 runs in a week with one being over 22 km. Sundays are usually my rest day. I enjoy a beer sat night đŸ˜‰

Goals for future of my running

2016 – Compete and finish my first ultra marathon (The Unofficial Queen Charlotte Track Ultra)
2017 and beyond – Get me a 100 mile buckle! Preferably overseas.