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Ian Morgan, Christchurch, New Zealand.

History of Running:

Well, that’s a long story. I started running as a kid on the hills up behind our house. Eventually I went on to run in school and consequently ran in our cross country team. Then I discovered girls and found another interest to pursue. . . So fast forward 25 odd years to around 2012/13. I was stressed out from the earthquakes that had damaged our City. I was unfit and overweight, and not in a very good place. So i started to run again, i’m not sure why? anyway the extra weight just fell off as I increased my weekly distances. I think i dropped around 27 kilos. Well since then i’ve completed quite a few marathons, half marathons, 10ks, 5ks, and some trail races.

Catalyst to interest in Trail / Ultra:

A catalyst I guess was running in the hills and mountains as a kid and teen, and again in my mid 40s. I also spent a fair bit of time tramping throughout NZ as a teenager. I just love exploring and getting out in the bush, hills and mountains. Also I find I prefer longer distance, slower paced runs. We are so lucky New Zealand has so many great trails to explore.

Max Distance to date:

Training wise I have run around 65-70kms on a long run. Race wise i’ve only ever run just over Marathon distance on trails and roads. After running the Boston Marathon next April, I will focus on Ultra distance events for a bit.

Day to Day Family Life:

With 4 kids aged 24, 19, 15, 13 life is always interesting. . . our oldest 2 kids are grown adults and are both working. Our two younger ones are still in High school. My wife is currently taking a break from studying for a degree and is a wonderful partner.


I haven’t had a job for around 10 years. We own some rentals, I trade in a bit of stuff like kitchen/commercial equipment etc. I was a qualified Automotive engineer / Service Manager many years ago. Mostly I just run and money seems to find its way to us. We are very lucky i guess.

Training Days:

I generally train 7 days a week with specific targeted training depending on the race. I also include cross training such as core work and weights.

Type of Training:

It really depends on the event i’m training for.

Goals for Future Running:

Running another couple of Marathons this year. Probably a few halfs and a trail race as well.
Also running in a few charity events which i will be announcing soon!
Next year i’ve got the Boston Marathon in the US.
In addition i’m looking at ultra races and I will choose a few to stretch my legs.

Planned Events:

At this stage The Queenstown Marathon in November and The Boston Marathon in April 2017.
More details to follow on unconfirmed events.