Andy Good

Legend in the Making

Andy Good, Age 29, Palmerston North

History of running

When I think about this I’ve actually been running for a long time, a little over 10 years. It’s always been a big part of my life and day to day routine but I’ve only really been competing with real intent this year and still wouldn’t say I’m running big kms yet. People have been telling me for ages to race more often as I used to stick to myself, its been good meeting lots of really nice people this year. I set myself the goal at the start of the year to do 5 races of different distances so that I can determine what distance I want to start targeting and training for over the next few years.

Catalyst to interest in Trail / Ultra

I have always loved running on the hills and trails and like exploring new terrain so it was probably inevitable that I end up getting into long distance trail events. It seems like exposure for ultra running is getting a lot bigger and more and more great events are popping up on the running calendar. I’ll also mention that I enjoy watching the Ginger Runner on YouTube. He is a great personality and role model for the sport who makes fantastic videos so he is a big reason why I decided to give it a go.

Max distance to date

60km (WUU2K Ultra) actually 62km 😉
Day to day life / Family
“Its all about balance” My wife Julia’s favourite saying… She is the key to our household. She works full time and is a fantastic mum to our little girl Emily who has just turned 2. We both love the outdoors, good food and would call ourselves coffee connoisseurs as well. We keep a really busy day to day life mixing work, training, running the dog, adventures with Emily and relax time.


NZ Army, My job title at the moment is as a Carpentry Instructor/Construction Supervisor. I train apprentices helping them work towards their National Certificate in Carpentry. Once they achieve this qualification they can be mobilized for operations and relief work around the pacific. It is a really good job, very flexible when it comes to family commitments and training for upcoming events.

Training days

Tues,Weds,Thurs,Fri,Sat & Sun. Mondays are usually for rest after a decent mission on the weekends and Wednesdays are a light day that I sometimes mix some cross training into.

Type of training

I won’t get too detailed here but the focus at the moment is on strength based hill work, building the base for endurance events.

Goals for future of running

2016 – Complete my 5 races for the year and keep gaining experience.
Short term. Finish a 100km event.
Long term. Win a 100km event.

Planned events

October Taupo Ultra marathon – 50km
December – I haven’t confirmed which event ill be doing as number 5. I wanted to do the Goat but it sold out very quickly…