Andy Good

Media Liaison

Andy Good, Christchurch

Andy is a Christchurch based runner and writer who gravitates towards the trails and adventure. Andy’s Ultra running portfolio is quickly growing and he has had some impressive results to date.

Day to day life for our family is all about balance. I adore my girls and take great pleasure in being their rough and tumble Dad. I work as a Carpenter for the NZ Army and also help coach a local trail running group.

New Zealand has a very close and interactive trail running community. Whether out there racing or just being part of the atmosphere I love attending events and sharing in other peoples race day experiences.  This sport and past time is constantly teaching me new lessons about all things in life. I am inspired by the monstrous feats of endurance that are happening within our sport at the moment and am content if I can be some small part of inspiring someone else one day.

Through this medium it is my goal to share my own and other peoples tales of adventure with likeminded people both in New Zealand and throughout the rest if the world.