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yonni1It’s a weird feeling looking back on your running career. Sometimes it’s even fascinating to see the changes you have made to your body and health. Other times it’s not as nice to look back to the days when you were a legend on your legs. But I believe even as a younger member of the running community it is essential to take time out and think about how far you have come, and the changes that have occurred in your life.

I will use an example of a race on the road, and I know this is viewed by many trail runners but read on!

Two years ago, I would have never dreamed of running half marathons, marathons, and ultras by the time I was 16-years-old. I had always done a bit of running, maybe 100km per year at the maximum.

But at the start of 2015, I set myself a goal to run the St James Country Half Marathon. I completed this with my dad, in a very slow time of 2:32:20. That’s a long time to be out there hah? Well, I guess I enjoyed it, I slowly moved into trail running, and eventually I was addicted.

2015 saw me run eleven times more kilometres than the year before, and my running just kept running I guess (it wasyonni2 intended) ;)! The Christchurch marathon in June was my first road marathon, and went very well! But I had only cut my half time down to 1:51:56 – still not fast enough!

But yesterday, at the Sri Chinmoy Half marathon in Hagley park, I thought I finally better have a shot at a sub 1:45. It’s
amazing what the body can do! I came in at 1:35:51 (fast for a 16-year-old)… A little different to that 2:5 hour run two years ago!

What I’m really trying to get at is that through years of hard work and many hours of training, you can achieve your goals. But it’s always good to be looking how you are going, and the changes you are making.

yonni4Similar to my two-year effort in the half marathon, many of you will have distances you have been trying to crack for many years… But it’s always good to take time out and understand how far you have come since first having a crack at that distance.

Like I said earlier, sometimes it’s a good thing, other times it’s a bad thing.

Either way, I believe it’s essential.

By Yonni Kepes

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