‘The Commitment’


Product Description

Initial Consultation, 2x Follow-ups + 12 weeks plan


Looking to take your nutrition to the next level or just need a nutrition overhaul? Then pick our 3-month package. It is a complete evaluation and Alice takes you on a 3 month journey with an initial consultation, 2 follow ups and 12 weeks of meal plans.


Prior to your initial consultation we will send you a pre-consultation survey and 5-day (include 1 weekend day) food and training diary to complete. During the consultation Alice will collect additional information on your lifestyle habits, general diet, training and/or competition nutrition. Together we will discuss your goals, training schedule, your diet, as well anything else you would like to know.


Once the initial consult is complete Alice will look at what you are currently eating, what the research says along with what we know to put together a full evaluation and show you what is lacking in your diet and/or what is positive.  Alice will also provide an information sheet on your chosen sport about what the current research is showing and how it can relate to you and your needs. This can be expected to be received within 5 working days of your consultation.


From here 2 follow up consultations will be arranged, 12 weeks of meal plans drawn up to tailor to your goals and a 12 week goal setting put in place.


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