The Long Pathway

Te Araroa is one of the worlds most diverse and amazing ‘long’ trails, and literally translates to ‘The Long Pathway’. It stretches 3000km from Cape Reinga in the far north, to bluff in the deep south.

The average tramper will take around 120 days to complete the journey, but British Ultrarunner Jez Bragg proved that it can be done much faster that. On December 12th 2012 he set off from Cape Reinga, finally completing the adventure 53d9hr1min later in Bluff, beating the previous FKT set by Richard Bowles by roughly 11 days.

The womans crown for FKT of Te Araroa belongs to Mina Holder. In February 2015 Mina completed The Long Pathway in an impressive 77d10hr44min.


  Distance NameTimeDateEventDirectionCountryNotes
Te AraroaMens3000kmJez Bragg53d9hr1minStarted December 2012North to SouthSupported - Jez Kayaked the Whanganui River Jouney, and the Cook Strait
Womens3000kmMina Holder77d10hr44minStarted November 2014North to SouthSupported - Mina Kayaked the Whanganui River Journey, and took a ferry across Cook Strait