Mt Taranaki or Mt Egmont

Standing proudly in Mt Egmont National Park is the parks namesake, Mt Egmont. Otherwise known as Mt Taranaki, or simply¬†‘Taranaki’ to the Maori people, the active volcano has a number of tracks and trails which make it a hotspot for trampers, runners, climbers, and leisure seekers.


  Distance NameTimeDateEventDirectionCountryNotes
Nth Egmont - Summit. Up & Down x 2Mens25.2kmMatt Bixley05:39:0001/28/2012NZL
Womens25.2kmCharlotte Littlewood09:30:0001/11/2014
Pouakai CircuitMens24kmOliver Vincent02:54:3311/23/2013NZLAnti Clockwise
Womens24kmJenny Steer04:20:0005/04/2012NZLAnti Clockwise
Around the Mountain (current trail)Mens45kmOli Vincent06:04:0502/14/201526/01/1992 Greg Barbour completed around the mountain on a sightly shorter course (due to segment closure) in 05:17:01
Womens45kmAnna Frost07:41:0001/29/2012NZL
Up, Down, and AroundMens58kmTim Sutton11:56:0012/27/2014NZL
Tripple Traverse - Up & Down x 3MensIan McAlpine08:50:0003/26/1977NZL
WomensJenny Kerrisk20:45:0002/13/1995NZL
4 Ascents - Up & Down x 4MensMatt Bixley13:39:2301/28/2012NZL
WomensJenny Kerrisk04:45:0002/13/1995NZL
4 Distinct AscentsMensIan McAlpine16:05:0002/17/1976NZLNth Egmont - Summit - Kahui Hut - Summit - Stratford Mt House - Summit - Dawson Falls - Summit - Nth Egmont
WomensJenny Kerrisk04:45:0002/13/1995NZLDawson Falls - Summit - Nth Egmont - Summit - Kahui Hut - Summit - Stratford Mt House - Summit - Dawson Falls
3 Peaks - Nth Egmont - AlehouseMens40kmAnton Marsden, Christopher Martin, Iain Atkinson, Jan Ducnuigeen13:50:0002/20/2016NZLNth Egmont - Summit - Pouakai Peak - Kaitaki Peak - Patuha Peak - Butlers Reef Hotel