Another Huge Effort, Another NZ First. The Cardrona Rim Traverse FKT Has Been Set in Style. Well Done Gents!

2 mountain men, 33 and a half hours, 7000m of vert, 104km, and another New Zealand First – What a fantastic achievement!

The Cardrona Rim Traverse has been established by two Central Otago locals and stalwarts of New Zealands trail running community. Good friends Mal Law and James Harcombe have set the fastest known time, circumnavigating the entire Cardrona Valley ridgeline in one gnarly push. Mal and James said that it was perhaps the most brutal 33.5 hours of their ‘running’ lives, and we can certainly say that it is an accomplishment that warrants a standing ovation. Huge effort fellas. The work you do for the NZ trail community is truly inspiring! We salute you!



He’s Done It!!! The First Ever to Hit the Tararuas 14 Peaks, All Over 1500m High, Non-stop, Solo and Unsupported!

The man, the machine, a true legend of the Tararuas, and the first person ever to summit all of the 14 peaks in the Tararua Range that are 1500m high or above, non-stop, solo and unsupported!

It has taken 3 years, and three cracks at it, but this weekend just been Tim got his game face on and set forth to do something he’s been dreaming of for years. 28 hours 8 mins, and 110km later he emerged with a hell of a story to tell. We are in total awe of Tim and the incredible challenges he takes on.

You’ve earned yourself some time to bask in the glory, but no doubt you’ll be planning, plotting, your next character building exercise.

You’re are the man Tim. Much respect!


All Three Tararua S-K Traverses! Non-stop, Solo and Unsupported!

Tim Sutton Tarn Ridge FKT

In 1965 a man named Graeme Dingle set an impressive record. Not only did he complete the ambitious journey from the northern to the southern end of the Tararuas via Tarn Ridge and the craggy Eastern Range and out through the valleys, He was also the first person to go under 24 hours! It took Graeme 18:30:00. That Record stood for over 50 years. Until Tim Sutton – the adventure machine sunk his teeth in and smashed it in true Tim Style. 17 hours and 23 minutes after setting out, Tim emerged as the first person to complete the 3 Tararua S-K Traverses in under 24 hrs. To cap it off he did it all non-stop, solo and unsupported! Another FKT record to inspire and challenge the rest of us.

You’re the man Tim!



It’s Official, Queen Charlotte Just Got Torn a New One!



Take that heading as you please, but seriously, we need to raise a glass to Tim Sutton who quite literally tore through Marlboroughs Queen Charlotte Track yesterday, setting a blistering FKT of 6hr 50mins! Ladies and Gentlemen, this man is a machine!!

Having grovelled through the 71km journey from Ship Cove to Anakiwa twice myself (both runs taking 10 hrs), I can attest to the fact that Tims 06:50:00 is savage!

Brad Monaghan set an awesome time of 7hrs back in 2012 at the Queen Charlotte Ultra, and his time seemed like an almost insurmountable task to beat, but Tim set out at daybreak on Thursday 5th January 2016 and in true Tim fashion he dug deep and thrived on the adventure.

I’m starting to sound like a broken record with you Tim, but once again, truly inspiring!

Congratulations on the Queen Charlotte Track FKT Crown!



What the Bloody… WHAT?! A New SK Main Range FKT! Surely Not! Ahhh, Yip…Wow!


Many of you will have heard that after bolting onto the running scene with a 3rd place finish at the Kepler challenge in 2015, Sam McCutcheon came back this year and got a big win over an impressive field, and was also crowned the Aust/NZ Skyrunning Series Champ. Many of the same people may also know of a man named Danny Garrett who holds some solid FKT’s around NZ and equally strong finishes at the Buffalo Stampede finishing 3rd, and a recent win at the Hillary. If you know of these two guys you will also know that they are capable of digging deep to get the job done, and thats exactly what they just did.

The weekend just been, Sam and Danny combined their powers (like summoning Captain Planet) and took on one of New Zealand’s most challenging mountain ranges. In doing so they took their place at the throne of the SK Main Range FKT. Chris Swallow had already set a hard to beat time of 19hr 20mins, which Sam and Danny just surpassed, completing the 80 odd km of the Tararuas hallmark route in 18hr 15min. Please excuse my French, but that shit is savage!

The Tararua range is attracting some of New Zealands strongest runners, and with many of these runners living right on the Tararuas doorstep, I’m sure we are in for some exciting times ahead.

Check out this link to read an account of their adventure, and also check out this one, and this one to gain a bit of an understanding as to how gnarly this feat actually is.

Massive congratulations to Sam McCutcheon and Danny Garrett. Once again the words inspiring and awesome come to mind! We look forward to your future adventures!



Queen Charlotte’s FKT Crown has Changed Hands! Come on down Sophia Walker, and take your rightful place at the throne!



On Saturday 12th November 2016, ten Hardy souls made the hour long boat trip from Picton to Ship Cove in Marlborough’s outer Queen Charlotte Sound, for the beginning of the Unofficial Queen Charlotte Ultra-marathon. Mother Nature had decided todays event was not just going to be 70kms in one of the countries most beautiful settings, but in fact was going to be a muddy, wet, slippery, grind, making for a test of grit, fortitude, agility and determination. Even finishing was going to be an awesome achievement! Sophia Walker smiled in the face of this challenge and not only finished, but finished hard, with a 9hr 2 min FKT! YOWZA!

Massive effort Sophia – we know how hard it was out there, and to finish the day with a new womens FKT is Huge News!

Check out Sophia’s race report for a great recap of a great day! Looks like all that Pilates is worth a look!

We’re looking forward to catching you out there next year to witness another savage effort!


 Who’s charging? Who just grabbed an FKT Crown? Andrius Ramonas, that’s who!



Earlier this week we were alerted to some activity on the Tongariro Northern Circuit, where a strong FKT was crushed by a very humble Andrius Ramonas. On his Sunday long run, Andrius took advantage of some cool weather and ended up beating the previous record held by Kristian Day (05: 30:00) by more than 30 minutes, setting an impressive, and formidable time of 04:55:55 !

Andrius is no stranger to big efforts out on the trail having set 4 course records and achieved multiple top 10 finishes at some of Australasia’s most prestigious events over the past 2 years. We look forward to following an exciting 2017 ultra season from Andrius and will be looking out for some scorching FKT’s and CR’s.

Check out Andrius’ coaching site at and get some tips from a very reputable source

Well Done Andrius – Love Your Work

‘Great Walks’


Tim Suttons Super Solid, Tararua Valleys S-K Traverse FKT


Tim Sutton has got his name against a number of FKT titles around NZ, but up until a couple of years ago he hadn’t run longer than 5hrs. Let’s be honest, 5hrs is a long time to be out running on the trails, up in the hills, smashing through bush, toiling through rivers and mud, but Tim wanted to push his own boundaries and go further.

In 1988, John Busby, Jon Thorsen, Murray Doughty and Ross Gordon, set a record which stood for 28 years for the fastest journey along any S-K route (Schormann to Kaitoke through the Tararuas) of 17hr 20mins. At 5am on the 11th September 2016 Tim set out for a BIG day on his feet, eventually finishing his own 73.9km journey of the Tararua Valleys S-K Traverse in a mind, and body numbing 14:43:10! C-C-C-C-C-CRIKEY!!

This is a HUUUUGE effort, and one which inspires the shit out of us here at NZTR!

We know we have to count our blessings every day, that we are physically able to get out and experience some of the amazing places that the NZ wilderness keeps secret from soo many people, and its stories like Tims that keep the fire burning to Get out and Be Inspired!

We know Tim has some pretty hefty ambitions for the future, and we are frothing at the prospect of hearing all about them. Great run Tim, we salute you.