Put simply fill out the Adventure Form and we will help plan an adventure that you will never forget.


We are a team of adventurers that are well traveled at home and abroad, whose interests range from wine making to surfing, mountaineering and even ultra-running! We know all the spots off the beaten track that will make your road trip around the land of the long white cloud remarkable.



 So what do you need to do?


Go to our Journey Info Page and read up large.

Fill out our Adventure Contact Form and tell us where and when you are landing in NZ and the same for where and when we will be waving you goodbye. In the aspirations box write what you are hoping to see (anything in particular or in general terms), where you want to go (if you have decided) and what you are hoping to spend on local attractions (this doesn’t include travel, accommodation or food), type of vehicle and accommodation expectations.

From here we will draft up a basic itinerary for you to have a look at, which will show on a map where you will be adventuring around NZ! If this looks like it meets all your dreams and ideas then it is time for us to get to work.

Once paid our one off fee the fun for us really starts! We will start filling in all the gaps in your journey that will include the attractions you listed plus all the little and big gems that we know from experience.

We will contact all the accommodation providers for your trip including you in the email train. They will send through the invoice that you can pay directly. This way you know you are paying the local rate without any hidden fees!

We also offer the facility of you paying us the bulk amount for accommodation prior to confirmation and we can pay all the different outlets for you (again part of our one off charge). You will be provided with all the invoices for proof of payment. We will do the same for the rental company after negotiating the best deal for the type of vehicle you want to cruise in.



NZ Trail Tours are here to take the cost out of travelling our amazing country, by travelling through us you will be generally pay about 60% less than if travelling through another provider. And with a group of enthusiastic adventurers helping you plan, New Zealand will be an experience of a life time.