At NZ Trail Run we want to foster engagement within the adventure community.

We are constantly researching to grow our knowledge of Aotearoa, and as we execute our adventures we learn more from the practical sense of getting out there and doing it. We want to share these stories with the adventure community and hopefully hear about some of your experiences.

The popularity of adventuring in the wider sense is growing at a great rate of knots, and with keen participants scattered all over the country from home and abroad it would be nice to hear about your highs and lows, surreal experiences or your trials and tribulations around New Zealand.



We really just want to promote interaction and communication.
Knowledge is power, and sharing is caring.



How Do I Share a Blog Entry?

Slap on your writing cap and put pen to paper. If you want to post a blog entry on NZ Trail Run and have the world tune in to your experience or musings, then simply email it through to us;, include some images if you want, your social media links so we can help you build your following and revel in the knowledge that you are helping your fellow man (or woman) to become a better adventurer and tap into some previously unknown resources.


What Are the Benefits of Sharing?

We will be presenting our research and experiences to you in an ongoing capacity, and will share tidbits of information which we find interesting. You too may have things which you would love to share with as many people as possible, but maybe don’t have the time or know-how to create a blog site, promote it, keep it current, and everything else which goes in to getting your work read.

NZ Trail Run can be your free space to express yourself, and deliver your work to literally thousands of people.

Tell your friends and family that you’ve published some work, and we may even be able to make it a regular feature on the site.

Keeping the information concise but varied will also mean that people from all walks of life and different parts of the country/world can tell their story, and keep things interesting for the rest of us.