Strength and conditioning: Putting your best foot forward

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It’s the area we spend the most money on when it comes to running, yet our feet are generally the most neglected part of our body. We spend hundreds of dollars wrapping our feet in the next new technology or even better the next lighter brighter … Read More

Running is a hard sport

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I just took 3 weeks off from training. Not running, hell no, jail is not an option. Just training like a beast 6 days a week. I had just finished 2 back to back half marathon training cycles and the thought of doing another set of … Read More

On the trail or Off the trail – what kind of supporter are you?

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Supporters, what is it that they say; behind every great person there is a team waiting to take the credit? Honestly though, we all rely on a support network to help us with both our training and on race day. Some of our supporters help us … Read More

From Seattle to the Taupo Ultra and everything in-between

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Living in Seattle I discovered my passion for running mountain trails and ultramarathons in the Pacific Northwest USA when I met my two best friends, who are veteran adventure racers and mountain runners. I’d always loved playing outside and exploring the outdoors, but I didn’t know … Read More

Strength and Conditioning: It’s not just for the Pros

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Having been a Runner my whole life, and turning my passion into my job 5 years ago, I have discovered through my own training, and those who have suffered along the way with my many ridiculous looking, and sometimes bizarre exercises, that strength and conditioning has … Read More

Take It Easy…

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RECOVERY: After running several races within 4-6 weeks of each other, I am currently having a bit of a breather before my next event. Now for me, that means no specific race training plan to adhere to. However, I still use a base maintenance training schedule … Read More

Taking naps and drinking wine.

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My favourite hobbies include taking naps and drinking wine, but if I could choose one, I would go for a run.   Yes, that’s right. A run.   This coming from someone that absolutely hated running. Well let’s be honest, when you are overweight and have never … Read More

Taupo Marathon – Race Report

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Well. . . Lets just say that Taupo was awesome, and it certainly put on its best winter weather for this event! Ok, let’s rewind a bit and start at the beginning. . . PRE RACE SETTLING IN BIT : So I planned to run the … Read More

The Rare Kiwi Trail Snail

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Update Last year I set myself a pretty ambitious goal of losing 45kg by my birthday this year to bring me back down to 100kg. Well, my birthday was at the start of the week and while I’m a little disappointed didn’t make my goal, I’d … Read More

Kaece Wright

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Hello beautiful people! My name is Kaece Wright, I’m a spring chicken from the 90’s and by god do I love running. I love it that much I have set myself a mammoth goal to take on the length of the South Island starting the 1st … Read More

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