My Old Ghost Road Adventure

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After following the Old Ghost Road Facebook page since nearly its conception, it was on the bucket list. An opportunity came up; I was doing a nursing placement in Westport for a few weeks it was going happen. A few months out, James and I booked … Read More

Tarawera 100 to give back some of what was given

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Why am I raising money for Child Cancer Foundation: In May 2015 we were hit with news that shattered our world; our son Dylan had leukemia. We would have to move from our home in Wellington to Christchurch. This was for an initial 6-8 weeks for … Read More

Ultra-Trail Australia, (NZ’s best kept secret?)

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There’s an event not far from ‘Godzone’ that has been kicking around for 10 years now.  It’s the largest attended trail running event in Australasia and continues to grow FOR GOOD REASON. I’m talking of course about Ultra-Trail Australia (formerly ‘The North Face 100’).  Set in the picturesque Blue … Read More

Nutrigrain does not build Iron Men (or Women) + an Up and Go isn’t breakfast

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Courtesy of Mikki Williden By default, I’ve been in the sports nutrition world more than usual over the last couple of weeks. The Eat Well Live Well topic at New World (where I’m on hand to give nutrition advice and share good choices for foods), and … Read More

The Crater Rim Trail Run

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The Crater Rim is held annually in Christchurch up and around the Port Hills tracks known as the Crater Rim Trails, named for the crater formed by a volcanic eruption (fortunately over 5 million years ago). The volcano is completely dormant but what remains is a … Read More

Progression through the ages…

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It’s a weird feeling looking back on your running career. Sometimes it’s even fascinating to see the changes you have made to your body and health. Other times it’s not as nice to look back to the days when you were a legend on your legs. … Read More

Time for bit of an intro

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Forgive me Strava for I have sinned; it has been 10 days since I last ran, and in that time I have found excuses in the weather and sore legs, along with drinking too much beer and eating too many ‘yellow’ foods. I thought since this … Read More

Finding the time and squeezing it all in…

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Hi guys I hope you are well and enjoying yourselves out there. Some great events have flown by over the last few weeks and it’s exciting to see people who have connected with me on Instagram and Facebook sharing their results and achievements.I am loving hearing … Read More

Does age really matter?

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Being the teenager who nags race directors constantly for race entry dispensations, it’s a coincidence I should be addressing this question. A 16-year-old running trail marathons and ultras? Shouldn’t his parents be preventing this and be worried about it causing injury and problems with his growth? … Read More

Do you need to snack?

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Sometimes you just want some new ideas. Or it’s a day where you just feel like mooching around and making a few things in the kitchen. Snacking. As I said earlier this week on Facebook, I’m not a fan of snacking for most people as it … Read More

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