The Beautiful, Rugged, and Alluring Tararua Range

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A Bit of Background I’m going to put it out there and tell you now that my knowledge of North Island geography is embarrassingly lacking. I know where places are (roughly) and the general (very general) state of the landscape, I just don’t have a great … Read More

Scotty Hawker Interview

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  We recently had the opportunity to chat with Scotty Hawker, one of New Zealand’s top endurance athletes. Scotty has been competing on the Ultra Trail World Tour for a number of years now and has recently represented New Zealand alongside Fiona Hayvice at the World … Read More

Eating for your Injury

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Recently due to a nagging lower-leg injury my running had to take a break. I was left with a lot of time on my hands to research ways to make my injury heal faster. Yes I did physio, acupuncture, massage and started cross training with low … Read More

Queen Charlotte Ultra Race Report

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As the dust begins to settle from the the massive earthquake that struck near my New Zealand home and the tragic loss of a running friend in a motor vehicle accident, I have the space to pause and reflect on a bright spot of the last … Read More

What defines your success in running?

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We all have our own individual meaning of success. When we relate this to running it could be one of the following: Win a race Be consistent with your training Have a training plan to follow Work towards goals Participate in an event Run your first … Read More

Key Nutritional Tips For Training Up Those Trails

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Recently I went out and tramped part of the Kepler track. It’s a 70km loop, based in the west coast of the South Island of NZ. It is a stunning tramp made up of a lot of up and down hills through many different environments. The … Read More

How to become an Ultra Runner

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Running has given me more in the past 3 months than in the 30 years previous. I have been busy. Life is busy. Between selling a house, trying to buy a house, work, family and building NZTrailRun, time has raced by. One thing that has been … Read More

Can veggies properly fuel runners?

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Firstly, I’m not here to preach about why everyone should become vegetarian, I’m not vegetarian myself but I do try vegetarian dishes weekly. Recently I learned how to fuel my body on a non-meat diet. From my personal experience it was hard exercising on a vegetarian … Read More

Pilates is great for runners… but why?

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As runners, we all know that Pilates is good for us and that we “should” do it. But why? Pilates is much more than ab exercises and hamstring stretches. It is both a training and treatment program that addresses overall body alignment, injury rehab and prevention, … Read More

Taupo Ultramarathon Race Review

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Taupo you beauty! Last weekend I took part in the Taupo Ultramarathon. Being the inaugural, we were the first to take on this amazing, well-organised event! Everything down to the finer details was in place, and it all showed on race day! Being a ‘spring chicken’ … Read More

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