Key Nutritional Tips For Training Up Those Trails

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Recently I went out and tramped part of the Kepler track. It’s a 70km loop, based in the west coast of the South Island of NZ. It is a stunning tramp made up of a lot of up and down hills through many different environments. The … Read More

How to become an Ultra Runner

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Running has given me more in the past 3 months than in the 30 years previous. I have been busy. Life is busy. Between selling a house, trying to buy a house, work, family and building NZTrailRun, time has raced by. One thing that has been … Read More

Can veggies properly fuel runners?

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Firstly, I’m not here to preach about why everyone should become vegetarian, I’m not vegetarian myself but I do try vegetarian dishes weekly. Recently I learned how to fuel my body on a non-meat diet. From my personal experience it was hard exercising on a vegetarian … Read More

Pilates is great for runners… but why?

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As runners, we all know that Pilates is good for us and that we “should” do it. But why? Pilates is much more than ab exercises and hamstring stretches. It is both a training and treatment program that addresses overall body alignment, injury rehab and prevention, … Read More

Taupo Ultramarathon Race Review

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Taupo you beauty! Last weekend I took part in the Taupo Ultramarathon. Being the inaugural, we were the first to take on this amazing, well-organised event! Everything down to the finer details was in place, and it all showed on race day! Being a ‘spring chicken’ … Read More

The inaugural Taupo Ultra 50km race report

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14 weeks later… Yep it’s been a long time since I’ve laced up the racing shoes and had that blowout that only a race can produce. Unfortunately over the last 6 weeks I’ve missed two events. One was unavoidable due to work and the other was … Read More

“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

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Duuuuuude……. I have been training my ass off.  Literally.  I have officially entered pancake ass territory, but my legs are still not going faster.  It’s so frustrating. Long story short, I caught the Sidekick’s man-flu, which was a mild strain of the bubonic plague. I shit … Read More

The Abel Tasman Coastal Classic 2016 Race Report

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“It’s not possible to love without the anticipation of loss. A spectre of despair can be the engine to intimacy”.  Andrew Solomon. It’s been a rather interesting running year to date when I think about it. If I were to get you to imagine a graph, … Read More

Running & Yoga

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In our personal quest to become better runners we often find ourselves looking for new things to try.  Our research (like our running) usually leads us down many different paths.  If you have followed some of these well-worn paths, you are likely to find one that … Read More

The Blue Lake 24hr Challenge 2016

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My training for the Taniwha 60km is going really well and last weekend I was due for a back to back long runs at 26km each. Instead some friends and I decided to head to Rotorua for the Blue Lake 24hr Challenge. This ‘Fat Ass’ event … Read More

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