Photo Blog: Travers Sabine – Nelson Lakes Region – New Zealand

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                                                                                            … Read More

Tararua Mountain Race 2017

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A True Mountain Race to Test the Best!   Chris Martin of Tararua Speed Records introduces one of NZ’s Great Races. The Tararua Mountain race is one of the longest running mountain races in NZ. For me it is one of the few true mountain races. … Read More

Walking in the Footsteps of Giants

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February 15th 2017 In 1965, while cutting his teeth in the wild misty hills of the Tararuas, adventurer Graeme Dingle became the first person to traverse the range from north to south in a day, taking 18 hours 30 minutes non-stop from Putara Hut to Smith … Read More

Gluten vs Running Performance

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Gluten vs Performance There is a debate in the sports world about if eliminating gluten from your diet has a positive effect on performance. This debate is quite a shift, particularly in endurance athletes, from the carb-loading culture, which I have known since the start of … Read More

Who and What is Fueling the Tarawera Ultra 2017?

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Small town fueling the Tarawera Ultramarathon   It’s gained a reputation as New Zealand’s most prestigious ultramarathon but the secret is finally out – the Tarawera Ultra is the ultimate party food banquet and it has some impressive figures to back it up. On 11 February, … Read More

Jumbo Holdsworth 2017 Race Report

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With GODZone on the horizon, I thought it was time to do a few warm-up runs. Looking through my work rota, my only weekend off in January luckily coincided with the Jumbo-Holdsworth trail race, a 24 km run in the Tararuas. When I arrived in Wellington … Read More

What to Eat After a Hard Workout

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High Intensity Interval Training Nutrition   Mixing up your training can improve your performance as well as cure the boredom that comes with doing the same thing day in day out. But does your nutrition change when change your performance? There are a lot of different … Read More

St James Stampede 60km

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Well, yesterday I competed in the St James Mountain Sports Stampede Ultra. Originally this race was going to be 50km’s, but due to the ‘weather-bomb’ that had hit the South Island and raised the rivers, the race was changed to a different course which was 10km’s longer. After … Read More

Fuel for Endurance

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One of the hardest things in Endurance sports is finding something to fuel you during your trainings and races. More importantly, finding something that your body can stomach and hold down after 40km’s of running in the mountains! Everyone has their own unique pearls of wisdom … Read More

Running the Labyrinth

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The Marlborough Sounds have long been described as a labyrinth of waterways. A complex and haunting network of ancient river valleys flooded by the moody green sea of Cook Strait. Flanked by steep bush clad hills and dotted with secluded bays, they are nothing less than … Read More

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