A Focus on Sports Nutrition and Helping you to Reach Your Goals!

Alice at the PanBefore you read on about Alice Sharples Nutrition, please click the link and take a moment to meet Alice Sharples

Without a focus on nutrition, your training plan will only be doing part of the job. To really maximise your gains, it is important that your food consumption is planned and intentional, designed to help your body repair muscles and build strength.


Our aim is to provide you a complete nutrition plan that caters to your needs, is affordable, easy to produce, and delicious. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of good nutrition that has been tested and proven to work, and is up to date with current research.

There are no fad diets here at NZTRAILRUN, just good nutrition knowledge providing you with recipes and advice that will aid in your training, and help achieve your performance goals.


So How Does it Work?

  • We look at your age, height, weight and exercise level to see how much you should be eating. This is based on research and also our tried and tested methods.
  • We divide the amount of calories you need per day into the amounts of carbohydrate, protein and fat that it comes too.  We then make up a 6-day nutrition plan with the right amounts of each of these macronutrients for you to abide and cook by. We try and make the recipes easy to follow, delicious and at the right time so your muscles get all they need from each dish.
  • Once we’ve done the hard graft behind the scenes we will email out your meal plan. Together with a shopping list, recipes so you can make the food, and a time sheet on when to eat the food around your trainings. It also includes notes on why you should be eating what we have recommended.


What are the Options!?

Meal Plans

Skype Consultations

In-Person Group Sessions


We will help you to develop the skills you need to create delicious and nutritious meals that won’t break the bank, build a pantry of healthy food staples, and learn the basics to good nutrition.


Happy Eating!


Jonathan, Mike and Alice.