Running for the Soul, man

History of Running Growing up, I was inspired by the raw wilderness of the South Islands West Coast and was tentatively introduced to trails by family bush walks. Through my teenage years I played a lot of hockey and stayed pretty fit through that, but always saw … Read More


Chasing the Ultra Dream

History of Running One of my earliest memories is running a sprint race at primary school, battling it out with a kid who ended up standing next to me as I married my wife. It’s always been a passion. I am addicted to the state of … Read More

Andy Good

Legend in the Making

Andy Good, Age 29, Palmerston North History of running When I think about this I’ve actually been running for a long time, a little over 10 years. It’s always been a big part of my life and day to day routine but I’ve only really been … Read More


Instagram Running Inspiration

Ian Morgan, Christchurch, New Zealand. History of Running: Well, that’s a long story. I started running as a kid on the hills up behind our house. Eventually I went on to run in school and consequently ran in our cross country team. Then I discovered girls … Read More

Tim Sutton

Adventure Seeking, Endurance Machine

Tim Sutton – Adventurer, Mountain Runner and Occasional Racer, Wellington, New Zealand   History of running The outdoors are my happy place. I still remember the joy as a kid of racing barefoot down the mown running track on our schools playing field. My nickname was shrimp … Read More

Alice – Nutritionist

Growing up playing sport, I was taken reluctantly to a nutritionist to find out what I should be eating. I was advised to get as much food into me as possible! This to give enough energy for my training and my growing body. Giving me enough … Read More


NZ Wine Mum Extraordinaire

Catherine – Bay of Plenty, New Zealand I am just your average suburban wine mom, juggling the school run and googling how to get stains out of a cream carpet. I started running about 20 months ago, for the first time in my life. Why? because … Read More

Chris Dunell

History of Running Bare with me while I rattle this brain cage… um, I guess I first discovered a thirst for running after winning my primary school cross country at the Windsor Pony Club; what then seemed like a tough, muddy undulating course riddled with ankle … Read More