Most of us runners will have heard of the ‘long run’, that secret weapon which takes your trail running chops to the next level. Well the ‘long run’ is something we hold dear at NZTRAILRUN, and something we want to celebrate and showcase. Trail running in NZ is pumping and we want to  help you get further!

The world knows that New Zealand has a heap of amazing trails. Our vision is to present some of New Zealand’s amazing trails in a new light. We want to help inspire, inform, and encourage those contemplating a trail mission to get pumped up and go. For those who maybe aren’t as keen on actually, physically running, but are interested nonetheless, you too can experience the wonderment, just sit back and enjoy.

As part of our work we hope to foster some healthy competition among the trail community by hosting an FKT (Fastest Known Time) database. To be honest, you don’t even need to be the fastest runner on the block to hold an FKT record as there are very few documented records that we can find for NZ trails. Just pick a track with a vacant title, preferably over 20km for our database, and get out and claim it.

We are constantly researching to grow our ability and knowledge of trail running, and as we execute what we have learnt we learn more from the practical application of skills. We want to share these stories with the trail community and hopefully hear about some of your experiences and learnings.

The popularity of trail running is growing at a great rate of knots, and with keen runners scattered all over the country it would be nice to hear about your trials and tribulations on the trails.

We want to hear about FKT attempts, training runs, bonks (in the running sense), blisters, nutrition fails / successes, awesome trails you’ve been on, amazing things you’ve seen, lessons you’ve learnt, and so on. We really just want to promote interaction and communication. Knowledge is power, and sharing is caring.

Help us celebrate our awesome sport!

Get Out, Be Inspired!

And tell us all about it

Adventure Awaits!

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